Best Up-do’s for Your Curls this Holiday
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Best Up-do’s for Your Curls this Holiday

If you have been invited to the Holiday dinner party of the year, or even to your grandma’s house if things are a bit slow, you’re going to want to look your absolute best. You’ll no doubt choose a fabulous outfit (or a wonderful woolen sweater) as well as some stylish accessories. With the right style, however, your curly hair could wind up being your best accessory for the night.

A lot of women with curly hair just don’t know how to style their hair for fancy holiday parties, so they end up putting it up, or doing what works for a regular business day. If that is you, don’t worry – because with these incredible curly hairstyles listed below, you will look perfect for your grand entrance this holiday season.

Half-Up Twist

If your hair looks great, but you want to give it a more formal look, you should try this simple style. It will pair perfectly with a short cocktail dress.

Separate a large section of hair on each side of your face. From there, separate another small section from behind the larger sections. Pull back those small sections and secure them in place with a hair elastic.

Take a tiny piece of hair from the section on your front left. Wrap it around the section you have secured in the back. Repeat the same process on your left side. Continue to wrap small sections of hair until all of the hair you have sectioned off has been used. Secure the look with a bobby pin and hairspray into a loose updo. For a sexier look, let a few curls hang softly on your face.

Half-Up Dutch Braids

It can be hard to make braided hair work at a dinner party. If you’re a fan of braids, but still want a formal look, try this stylish half-updo. It’s the perfect style for curly hair.

Take a section of your hair from the crown and split it into three sections of equal size. From there, you can begin a Dutch braid. Cross the section at the left under the section at the middle, and then cross the section on the right under the section on the left. Continue to add pieces of hair into your braid to make the braid thicker and more defined.

Continue to braid your hair until about half of your hair has been braided. Use a small elastic to secure your hair, and then stretch it out before adding bobby pins or hairspray.

Romantic Curly Braid

If your hair is both curly and thick, you’re going to love the way this style looks! It can help you to tame your curls, yet highlight their beauty at the same time.

Create a part on the right portion of your head. Take a small section from the fuller side and start a braid. Curve the braid around your scalp. Continue the braid until you reach your temple. Take a section from the opposite side of your part and connect it with the braid.

Take a hair elastic and secure your braid before stretching it out slightly. Add some pins and hairspray, and you’ll be ready to go!

Curly Braided Updo

If your hair is frizzy or difficult to manage, an updo may be your best bet. You’ll be able to make your hair look polished even if you feel like a mess.

Take a large section of hair from the top of your head and split it into three sections. Begin to create a French braid down the back of your head. To french braid, start with a traditional braid. Periodically bring new sections of hair into the braid until all of your hair is a part of the braid.

Once the braid is finished, secure it with an elastic and curve it into a bun. Pin it into place to finish off your look.

These four hairstyles look a lot more intricate than they actually are. Even if you aren’t a hair adventurer, these hairstyles should help to ensure that your hair looks its best. You’ll make a great impression on everyone you see at the holiday parties! Jingle Bells!