BEWARE! Post-Halloween Haircare
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BEWARE! Post-Halloween Haircare

2 bottles of hairspray, half a head of backcombing, 4 colors of hair chalk and a bottle of tequila later — Halloween is in the past and your hair needs some serious TLC. Here are some of our tips:



It’s not a bad idea to do 2 consecutive shampoos for a few reasons. First, if you’ve used that much hair product one wash might not be enough to get it all out. Secondly, after the first wash gets the gunk out, the second wash will deposit the beneficial ingredients into your hair now that there’s no product build-up. Try your first wash with our Treatment Shampoo, it’s great for color or chemically treated hair and follow up with our Silk Shampoo to give you a head start on a rich deposit of moisture.


We have two words for you: Deep Treatment. This is the opportune time to use a deep moisturizing treatment and leave it on for the duration of your shower while you scrub-a-dub, then thoroughly rinse it out.  Your hair likely is tangled if you did any backcombing or used any products that contain harsh alcohols, attention must be paid! We recommend our Pure Silk Protein that is formulated with authentic protein and silk amino acids. It’s great for prolonging hair color and nourishing every strand down to the follicle.


Proceed with caution!  Be sure that all traces of conditioner or deep treatments has been rinsed out and now you want to go for your detangler or a Leave-in Conditioner that you can put in and start detangling from the ends to the roots. The Flexy Brush has incredibly flexible bristles that don’t rip out hair! Section your mane and get comfortable, you could be here awhile!


No matter what product you use, be gentle and don’t use heat today. It might not even be a bad idea to do a protective style and give your curls a break. A few products to consider trying are the Curl Keeper Original, Curl Keeper Tweek and Curl Keeper Leave-in Conditioner.


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