Curl Care Spring Cleaning: 10 Items To Toss
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Curl Care Spring Cleaning: 10 Items To Toss

Spring is here! Whether you are “springing forward” or just plain “out with the old”, the spring cleaning isn’t going to get done on its own. Now we understand this may be difficult for our product junkies and hair accessory hoarders but trust us- you will feel amazing once you toss these 10 items:

  1. Stretched out hair ties and scrunchies- they don’t hold, they don’t look cute, let it go.
  2. Broken hair accessories- this is a no brainer, if it’s broken get rid of it!
  3. Hair scarves you don’t ever wear- you have them, they exist…make room for the ones you LOVE!
  4. Broken bobby pins and hair clips – Can anyone say hair breakage and tender scalp? These just scream damage!
  5. Old product (check the expiry dates)- For all natural or organic products, the shelf life could be shorter than you think, besides you have way too many and you don’t use them all.
  6. Old brushes and combs- Broken teeth, bacteria, cushion comes out of the brush every time you use it…Girl – BYE!
  7. Product samples you haven’t or won’t use- if you haven’t used them by now, you won’t. Garbage.
  8. Empty product bottles- Earth day is coming up in April, get your recycling on and research how to properly rinse out and dispose of these.
  9. Broken or damaged hair styling appliances- You can’t fix them, no one can, move on. (They may also be dangerous).
  10. Old homemade hair masks & stylers- We all appreciate science in it’s many forms but if it once looked like coconut oil with mayo and egg and now something is growing inside the container…toss it!