Breakup With A Bad Hairbrush 💔  The story of a Hero (Flexy Brush)❤️
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Breakup With A Bad Hairbrush 💔 The story of a Hero (Flexy Brush)❤️

Most of us brush or comb our hair in some way, daily.   However, a lot of us don't realize that something as simple as the hairbrush we are using could be sabotaging our hair styling (curl-loving) potential. Throw in the added factor of having thick, delicate curly hair and the brush we use can actually be crucial in determining our hair health.

Our curls deserve love ❤️ It's all about the tools. 

In order to keep curly hair healthy, it is paramount to choose the right tools. Poorly made brushes can destroy the hair cuticle, causing tiny tears in the hair and split ends. In fact, using the wrong hairbrush can even lead to damaged curly locks, hair loss, and a LOT of breakage! 

How to know when to breakup 💔 with your brush?

If you are pulling out handfuls of hairballs after you clean your brush - you know those soft snowball-shapes of bundled hair that lay ever-so still on the top of your bathroom garbage can?  That's not the brush for you! Sorry.

Flexy Brush to the Rescue

No need to suffer hairbrush heartbreak...there is a  brush has been developed to solve all of your curly hair concerns.  Do not fear the Flexy is here! (que dramatic hero music)

Why The Flexy Brush?

So many reasons, but mainly:

  • It works to gently detangle on wet or dry curly hair.
  • This brush has incredible flexibility - which means less strain when you run the brush through your hair. The less pull on your hair, the less your hair will break and tear.
  • It massages the scalp in such an amazing way! 
  • You will notice a lot less hair loss ie. no big hair balls after cleaning it!
  • So easy to clean - open back keeps your brush clean and bacteria-free for a looonngggg time! This romance was built to last!

For all of these reasons and so many more say "I do" to the Flexy and live happily (detangly) ever after!❤️