Top 5 Tips for Travelling Curlies
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Top 5 Tips for Travelling Curlies

Travelling with curls has never been easier.  Curl Keeper products are different to most because they are water-based and are actually formulated to work with humidity and not against it!  THAT'S HUGE! Fearing frizz and compromising on your best curly styling while on vacation is a no-no in our books.  Go ahead and enjoy the pool, beach, heat, humidity and whatever else your heart desires on your vacay...we got you covered.

Aside from our products being the most travel-perfect for your curls, we have made a handy list of the top 5 tips for jet-setting Curlies.


For the beach, for the plane , and even for an elegant dinner up-do in hot weather.  The most gentle and versatile of all hair accessories are a must on vacay.

Don't wait....head to your closest dollar store and grab a few...we love the satin ones! 


On vacation, you want your hair looking it's best so bringing products you know will work is a must. Packing full size liquid products isn’t necessary – you need that valuable space for clothes and crossword puzzles! Thankfully, travel sizes exist of your favourite curly hair products.

Of course, don't forget your favourite styling brush to make the most of your styling.

Having all your faves at your fingertips also allows you to vary your style and makes sure your curls will be just as beautiful, soft and shiny as at home!


Pack your own satin pillowcase. This will help curls retain moisture throughout the night and keep your hair from rubbing and breaking against harsher bedding material. 

It doesn’t take up a lot of space in your suitcase, and it is very important for your curls. 


We cannot express enough how important a diffuser is for travelling curls.  You cannot assume that your hotel will have one.  The Curl Keeper Pop-Up Diffuser is compact and perfect for travel.  It makes all the difference in styling your curls...but you already knew that ;)


The sun and heat can wreak havoc on your scalp.  Protect it with a quick pineapple ponytail and bring it all together with a cute backless cap (designed just for curls). This will protect your scalp and eyes from harmful rays while looking so darn cute!


So pack your bags and feel good knowing your curls will be perfect.  The world is waiting for you :) 


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