Overcome major camping pitfalls for curly hair girls with these 9 tricks
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Overcome major camping pitfalls for curly hair girls with these 9 tricks

The sweet days of summer are short and if you have a 9 to 5, or have been cooped up in a classroom all year, there’s nothing like a getaway to the great outdoors to refresh your spirits. However, your curls usually don’t feel the same way. Camping to curls is like McDonalds to your diet – potentially disastrous but oh so gratifying. We shouldn’t let our hair dictate our activities so if sleeping amongst Jiminy Cricket and his friends is your idea of fun, then you go girl! We have your back – or at least your hair (but I’m definitely going to run if I see a bear!) Read on for tips to keep your curls looking fresh and to maximize your fun in the sun!

1. Wash and go before you go. There always seems to be a million and one things to do before leaving on a camping trip but make sure you prioritize washing your hair the morning that you’re ready to go. This will ensure you enjoy a few days of luscious locks. The sun, the lake and roughing it in general can be pretty tough on your hair so if you have time after shampooing, use a deep conditioner like Curly Hair Solutions Pure Silk Protein while still washing your hair. Then apply your favourite leave-in, followed by a styling cream or gel. Air-dry or diffuse, and you’re ready to hit the campgrounds!

2. Pack for your hair. While some nature enthusiasts might try and suggest that you should pack a tent, sleeping bag, food, etc. I think only the essentials should be considered: your hair weaponry. A mirror will definitely be helpful, along with a spray bottle of water, your shampoo, conditioner and your styling product of choice. Remember that if you’re using Curl Keeper Original, it reactivates with water so a spray bottle will be all you need in between shampoos. If you feel like you need to wash your hair, bring travel sizes of your shampoo, conditioner and styling product and use your fingers, instead of a wide toothcomb, to distribute the products through your hair.

3. Leave the diffuser and hairdryer at home. If you plan to wash your hair while camping, let the sweet nature air dry your hair. While diffusers are less damaging then regular blow dryers, they’re still using heat, which isn’t great for your hair. With all the other stresses on your hair in the outdoors, you don’t need another one. Plus – where will you find an outlet?! Let your hair dry naturally and then once it’s fully dry, scrunch it out to get soft and bouncy curls!

4. Extend your hair with some styling. Between day three to five post-wash, your curls may finally be calling to be drenched in water. If your campground doesn’t have showers, or you would just prefer to spend your time frolicking with Bambi then lining up for a shower, fear not! You can extend your hair with some easy styling. Pull your hair into a loose side braid a la Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. Alternatively, try a ponytail or a bun. If you want a sleeker look, bring a brush and smooth away any flyaways with Curl Keeper Gel prior to styling.

5. Accessorize the frizz away. Accessories serve both fashion and function in the woods. Hats can become your best friend to protect you from the sun but also to hide any frizz! You can also try a cute headband alongside one of your styled hairstyles to give a different look.

6. Protect your hair from the lake monster. No summer camping trip is complete without a dip in the lake – but don’t let the water get between you and a good hair day! Tie your hair into a topknot to try and avoid getting it wet or soak your hair beforehand in the shower. Soaking your hair beforehand lets you absorb less of the bad stuff in the lake. Then give it another rinse once you’re done swimming.

7. Don’t be lazy – take off your makeup! If you choose to keep it ultra glamorous and wear makeup during your camping trip…no excuses, you still have to take it off. Pack some makeup removing wipes so that whether you have access to running water or not, you can still treat your skin right. Sleeping in makeup clogs your pores and can lead to blackheads, acne, and irritated skin.

8. Protect your skin from the sun. Protect your skin from the sun and the creepy crawlies with sunscreen and bug spray. These days, they have bug sprays that repel insects without repelling your friends and family. Look for one that has a smell that you enjoy.

9. Add glamour to your accommodations. Just because you’re sleeping without drywall doesn’t mean you have to be without a bit of glamour! Bring a cot or a blowout mattress with luxurious sheets and a duvet. Also consider decorating with solar powered fairy lights and lanterns. You’ll be the envy of the camping block!

In the end, try not to stress too much about your appearance because Mother Nature is a forgiving lady and will still take you into her arms even if you’re not runway ready! Enjoy your camping trip and keep your >natural curly hair looking glamorous!