Curl Confessions #2 Video: Washing Curly Hair
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Curl Confessions #2 Video: Washing Curly Hair

To wash or not to wash…that is the question. And that is the very question I asked the expert stylists at the Curly Hair Institute on this Curl Confessions video segment. Since hair is one of our top defining features, what curly hair care steps wouldn’t we take for it to be constantly fabulous?

There are so many myths and misguided assumptions surrounding washing curly hair, so I decided to lay them all out on the line for you curlies to encourage questions and a discussion!

Believe it or not but the first synthetic shampoos were created sometime in the 1930’s and it wasn’t until the 70’s and 80’s that daily washing became “the norm”. Now it seems we are back to square one, 30 years where we are questioning how often to wash your hair. Some philosophies are set on a “low-poo” which is using a very small amount of shampoo every several days. There is also the “no poo” method which embraces ditching shampooing altogether.

Then there is “co washing” and it doesn’t mean hopping in the shower with your boo, rather it means washing with conditioner a few days a week instead of using a curly hair shampoo. The philosophy behind it is because conditioner doesn’t strip your hair of natural oils. But in my head, that’s not washing, that’s just conditioning, right? Lastly, there is the DIY shampooing where people wash with baking soda, vinegar, honey and other various “in the kitchen” ingredients that are supposed to be less damaging to your hair.

As you can see, there are de finitely alot of philosophies and myths out there about washing curly hair and it can be quite confusing to decide which to believe or not believe. All I want is some logic so check out our latest Curl Confessions video to see what expert curly hair stylists had to say.

Leave your comments below on your experiences on the notorious subject of shampooing your precious curls!