Q & A with Curl Stylist Chantel
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Q & A with Curl Stylist Chantel

We had the opportunity to chat with Chantel Marshall who is a curly hair stylist at the Curly Hair Institute in Toronto, Canada! Chantel is from Oakville, Ontario and is both full of creativity and is very open minded – which are fantastic attributes for any hair stylist to possess and this is why we love her! She has had the opportunity to work with Jonathan Torch at the Curly Hair Institute for 8 full years. With her years’ worth of experience and knowledge with working with all curl types, we decided to ask her a few questions:

1. When did you realize being a stylist was what you wanted and why curly hair?
Growing up, I’ve always done my friend’s and family’s hair and considered it just to be a hobby at that time until my dad said “You should go into hair.” So I did, and I love it so much! The more I worked with curls, the more I became more passionate about it. It feels so good to help people with frizz and teach them the proper and safe ways to manage it.

2. What are a few important things that you’ve learnt about curly hair over the years?
It’s all about the pH balance of the products you use on your curls…nothing else. Straight hair needs a specific pH balance to perform at its maximum and curly hair needs a specific pH balance in order to not dry out and perform at its best as well. There is a solution out there to maintain your frizz but it starts with the proper pH balance.

3. What are some things you really reinforce to all of your clients?
Do not ever brush your curls when they are dry and do not use oils or silicones on your hair as it will leave a heavy build up on the hair and can make it a styling nightmare. Lastly, if they use Curly Hair Solutions products, to apply a lot of Curl Keeper to very wet hair, there is no such thing as over-doing it but you can absolutely not use enough.

4. What is your most memorable moment during your career as a stylist?
Definitely would be having a new client cry with delight in your chair after showing them their curly hairstyle and what you can do with the hair and rebuild their confidence…it’s a joyous memory every time.

5. Name 3 of your Holy Grail products…
Slip Detangler, Curl Keeper and Gel for sure!

6. If you could change one thing about your curls, what would it be?
Bigger, rounder, looser curls and much faster growth!

That was a great gossip session with Chantel; feel free to post any questions you may have for Chantel here on the Gossip Curls blog! If you’d like to book an appointment at the Curly Hair Institute in Toronto, Canada call 416-362-1068 or for more information view here. Keep posted with gossip session with the other stylists at the Curly Hair Institute.