Curl Keeper Hairstyle Collection
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Curl Keeper Hairstyle Collection

Fredau has loose curls with a deep “S” formation that has the ability to really transform into perfectly defined ringlets. One of the keys to enabling her to showcase her hair is getting it to shine. Overall her hair is quite fine, but being blonde can trick you into thinking her hair is even finer, especially if she doesn’t manage it properly. With that being said, the main focus with Fredau’s curls was on reviving her volume to counter balance the fineness of her hair.

1- To begin with, we controlled her frizz with Curl Keeper™ Original and created flawless ringlets.

2- Next we added a generous handful of Curl Keeper™ Gel for extra support. By scrunching the product into her hair vigorously for several minutes, we were able to deepen the “S” formation even more to get the max out of her curls.

TIP: An important step we took was to really focus time on diffusing her hair upside down until it was completely dry, and then manually separating her ringlets to amplify the volume. It’s best to separate the curls only when the hair is 100% dry otherwise you will create unwanted frizz.

3- Lastly, we let Fredau freestyle her lifestyle and she did this by shaking her hair in every direction to enhance that last bit of volume. As a final step, we carefully ran hands dampened with water to reactivate Curl Keeper™ Original and touch up any frizzy sections.

With a couple quick steps Fredau looked so sexy when her curls were bouncy and full.


Alicia has an exceptionally tight curl pattern that is currently undergoing a transitioning process. We know how frustrating that process can be as it can often take several months to restore your natural curls. Alicia’s hair is fine and very fragile; since finer hair is more vulnerable to breakage extra care is needed for her curls. Alicia needs to pay close attention when she uses any sort of heat styling appliance. If it’s too hot she will risk damage. Getting perfect ringlets from roots to ends may take a little longer since preparing tight kinky curls is often a lengthy process.

1- With a tight curl it’s important to really saturate her hair with water and Curl Keeper™ Original. Once we controlled the frizz from roots to ends and supported her style with the proper product, Alicia was then able to freestyle a cool, controlled, sexy short curly hairstyle with confidence.

TIP – It’s important to note that a style with a tighter curl pattern and a short perimeter can sometimes make the style look uneven. So keep in mind, not every curl has to be perfectly controlled.