New Curl Keeper Styling Collection
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New Curl Keeper Styling Collection

Are you in need of a style upgrade? You can now freestyle your lifestyle using the New Curl Keeper™ Styling Collection. Offering curlies a way to create a style that is their own, Curly Hair Solutions™ has released your all-time favourite tress tamers with an AMAZING new look! Whether loose, medium or tight, the collection has every type of curl covered.

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Curl Keeper™ Original

Worry no more about product build up and expect longer lasting hairstyles with Curl Keeper™ Original. An award-winning favourite among many, this styling product offers total frizz control and will enable you to master those gorgeous frizz-free curls you desire. Curl Keeper™ Original is a water-based formula, which means it can be used every day without product buildup. It is 100% effective in all weather conditions, and thrives in humidity, allowing hairstyles to last for several days. Same formula as you know and love just in a new look!


Softer, defined curls are a step away with Curl Keeper™ Gel. Whether used alone or layered on top of Curl Keeper™ Original, this water-based gel offers ultimate holding power while controlling frizz and fighting humidity without flakiness or crispiness. It leaves no product buildup and holds any curly hairstyle for several days. Great for scrunch drying, styling with brushes, diffuse drying or simply air-drying naturally.

Curl Keeper™ Styling Cream  Coming Soon!

Still craving more? Don’t worry, Curly Hair Solutions™ has hinted at even more great products to come! Be on the lookout for the brand new Curl Keeper™ Styling Cream formula. Add shine, define and soften your curls using Styling Cream. It tames textured hair by allowing easy manipulation of curls into a looser well defined, frizz-free curl. Achieving second day hair has never been so easy. Simply add some bounce back into your curls by reactivating the formula with water.

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