Curl Keeper How To For Tight Curls
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Curl Keeper How To For Tight Curls

When I wake up with a bedhead full of dry curls, the Curl Keeper Original is my saving grace. My curl patterns falls between a 3B and 3C; although I have tight curls, they get very dry very quickly. There a couple of different regimes I use to deal with a bad hair day. One great way to manage dry, unruly bed hair is by hopping in the shower and attacking your mane with a big tooth comb, and restyle my hair completely. Another is to wear a hat. But the easiest method requires three simple things, a spray bottle of water, your fingers and the Curl Keeper Original.

Step 1. Separate your hair into 4 parts. Separating your hair makes tackling the tangles a little less difficult.
Step 2. Take your spray bottle and spray your section of choice from root to tip until your hair is damp
Step 3. Begin untangling with your fingers. I find using your fingers makes detangling less painful and you lose less hair in the process.
Step 4. Apply Curl Keeper from root to tip and massage into hair, and watch as your curls literally bounce back.

Repeat these four easy steps with the three other sections. If there are any dry ends sticking out of place, massage in a bit of the Curl Keeper Original and wrap the fraying bits around the end of a tail comb. I find that this helps your curl find its definition. This process gives you more control during the styling process. It’s also a great way to get familiar with the different curl patterns and textures you have and what kind of effort it takes to keep everything under control. By the end of this process you should have a head full of tangle-free, total frizz controlled, shiny, and bouncy curls.