Tips on Re-Colouring your hair
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Tips on Re-Colouring your hair

You’ve dyed your hair, but you are ready to switch to a new colour. Switching hair colour isn’t like switching your outfits; done incorrectly; it could do major damage to your hair and you may lose your curl pattern altogether. But with care and patience, you can rock a new do with these handy tips in mind!

I want to return to my natural hair colour after I’ve dyed it. Can I just dye my hair a colour that looks like my natural hair?

Yes you can, but it’s going to take several applications. When you go from a light colour to a dark colour, you will need to replace the missing colour pigmentation. Take painting for example; if you paint a white wall red, on the first try it’ll look pink. Hair works the same way. In order to go back to your natural hair colour safely, you need to do several applications of colour to make the transition a smooth and successful one. One step colouring will not work. Make sure you understand the steps involved in colour treatment, this could require open and honest communication during a consultation with a qualified stylist.

Can I use a less damaging dye to colour my hair?

Permanent hair colour is always more damaging than semi-permanent colours. Permanent colours also have special chemicals designed to make the colour last longer and cover grey more effectively. Some of these chemicals, such as ammonia and peroxide, are essential for all permanent hair colours. Ammonia, and other derivatives, is used in permanent hair colour to open the hair cuticle, which allows the colour to penetrate the hair. Peroxide is used to lighten and brighten the hair colour, and deliver the pigment into the open hair cuticle. The less chemical reactions that happen; the less damaging it is for the hair – but you also will not achieve the same successes in grey coverage and long lasting colour with fewer chemical reactions. Curly hair tends to absorb hair colour very well, so you can get away with a weaker strength of ammonia and peroxide in hair colour. Finer quality colours use less percentages of ammonia, so be aware and educated of what brand you buy.

Can I colour my hair a different colour right after I’ve dyed it?

Yes. Colour isn’t time sensitive – if you want to dye your hair one colour one day, then a radically different colour the next, it is possible. But you need to respect the integrity of the hair. Prepping your hair with Pure Silk Protein, using high quality shampoos and conditioners, and using high-quality colour lines will all contribute to a successful (and quick) colour transition. Respecting what your hair can do, and how you can help it, will ensure a successful colour change.

For safe colour transitions, it’s always best to speak to a stylist and colourist to find out the best option for a hair colour change. Although some dye’s may be less damaging to the hair, it may also be a less vibrant hair colour when applied, so always keep in mind what you want the outcome of your hair colour to be. Also, make sure to be patient. Whether you’re doing a new dramatic colour change, or returning to your natural hair colour, know that it may take time to make this transition. No matter what you decide to do with your curls, always keep your hair’s health in mind.