Curl Solutions to Curl Problems
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Curl Solutions to Curl Problems

Funny how all curls are completely different to the next person, yet we deal with some of the very same problems! Difficulty with water retention, lack of moisture and the list goes on and the worst part is, access to expert advice is limited! This week on Gossip Curls, we have highlighted some of the most common curl problems you struggle with and gotten some expert feedback on how you can solve them and share the solutions with your friends!

@jill says: “Here’s my biggest issue–my curls look awesome after drying with a diffuser. Bouncy, full of body, no frizz. Then, after a half hour or so, the curls fall flat and lose definition. I’ve tried hairsprays for curly hair to “lock” things in place, which helps a little with the definition, but everything still falls flat. Any ideas?”

EXPERT ANSWER: There are several reasons that hair falls flat and loses definition. Heavy ingredients and indoor heating in the winter months are usually the main cause for flat, loose curls. However, the style collapsing after it is set is a clear indicator that there is a build up of silicones that have coated and sealed the cuticles making it almost impossible for curls to stay styled. When you have this build up of silicones it is almost impossible for your styles to last. You will also notice flyaway hairs and static. Using products that have no silicones, such as Curly Hair Solutions, will help to ensure your style to last for several days.

@volbaby83 says: “I don’t use a lot of heat on my hair, and I never straighten it. The only time my hair comes in contact with heat is when I’m laying out or if I use a blow dryer (normally I let it air dry and use a blow dryer for like 2 minutes to add volume). How much heat is too much for my thinning, brittle hair?”

EXPERT ANSWER: There is a huge difference between heat from a diffuser and heat from curling irons. Just a touch of the iron on your skin will result in a severe burn and blister, so you can imagine the damage of a hot iron on the hair. I do recommend diffusing curly hair to speed up drying time and to create volume, but again show some restraint. It is not necessary to diffuse your hair from wet to dry. Allow your hair to dry as much on its own. Once your hair is air-dry, you can use a blow-dryer with a diffuser to help get that full finish in quicker time without worrying about heat damage to your curls.

@girl542 says: I have naturally curly hair and I bought some extensions a while ago, but have heard mixed reviews on if it’s safe for my curls and scalp. What should I do?

EXPERT ANSWER: If your hair is fine and weak then you are vulnerable to suffer from tension alopecia (physical stress on the hair shaft resulting in hair loss). If extensions are worn for a long period of time then severe scalp issues can occur. The other issue that occurs with extensions and curly hair is tangles. If your hair is prone to tangles then extensions are going to result in lots of knots. So in my opinion extensions should be temporary and worn as a fun accessory.

@natash9 says: My hair is naturally very long and frizzy/curly. VERY thick. I colored it so much and used a flat iron on it way too much. I am getting tired of it and debating just chopping it all off but really hoping I don’t have to. I just don’t know of any other options. Help!

EXPERT ANSWER: Thick curly hair can get very long and very heavy. A new style doesn’t mean you have to have it very short. A new style will give you the opportunity to get rid of the dead stringy straight ends and allow you to enjoy a fresh healthy curly hairstyle. Discover a product like Curl Keeper Original will help control your frizz and allow you to be the master of your curls.