Don’t Worry, Curly Hair Beauties CAN Enjoy the Summer TOO!
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Don’t Worry, Curly Hair Beauties CAN Enjoy the Summer TOO!

It’s about that time where your curls are getting ready to fight their biggest battle of the year: summer humidity and frizz. Frizzy hair’s greatest ally is humidity, and with the summer just around the corner, fighting frizz is an everyday battle for all of our curly haired friends. The heat is also helpful to drying your locks quickly as well.  Because of that, we want you armed and ready with information that will keep your curls on the right side of the summer weather; after all, your hair should be just as vibrant as you are, now that warm and sunny weather is upon us:

Your Routine is VITAL During the Summer

You’ve already got the right products to seal in moisture (and if you don’t, what are you waiting for!?) Having the right shampoos, conditioners, and sprays for your special curls is imperative. Also, keeping your washing and moisturizing routine as tight as possible will keep your curls locked in regardless of the temperatures  outside and moisture in the air. For your curls’ sake, there’s never really a good time to stray from your routine – during the summer, you may be fighting an uphill battle if you differ from that even for a day or 2.

Staying Hydrated isn’t Just About Your Mind & Body

It’s only natural that on a hot day, you’re bound to reach for that soda can at the bottom of the cooler while at the beach, or pop into Starbucks and grab your favourite frappuccino or iced coffee.  While those drinks feel highly refreshing in the moment, they actually aid in creating dehydration and leave you reaching for the nearest glass of water shortly after they’re consumed.  A good rule of thumb in these cases, if you just can’t live without either of them during the summer, is a 2 drop water vs. 1 drop caffeine rule.  If you drink a 500ml Frappuccino, be sure to have a litre of water on hand.  That being said, drinking lots and lots of water during the summer months will be good for your mind, body and curly ‘doo! Maintain your moisture!

Your Hair Needs Sunscreen Too!

Curly haired beauties are much more vulnerable to the effects of increased sun than their straight haired counterparts.  It’s crucial to combat dryness with UV protection beyond just what you use for your skin.  After all, you wouldn’t head out into the sun without protecting your skin, so why not protect your beautiful curls as well? Find natural products that are silicone-free. These products help to protect your hair from the effects of the sun while also locking in your ‘doo regardless of whether you’ve just left the house or are hours-deep into your day out at the beach!

If the summer months have you feeling anxious about how to manage curly hair, Curly Hair Solutions is the answer. Follow the above hair health tips and make Curly Hair Solutions, and our natural products, a part of your everyday routine.  Enjoy curly hair that is defined, bouncy, and healthy even when you know your curly hair’s greatest enemy awaits. Make sure to beat frizz and humidity this summer, and to do so safely!