Embrace Your Child’s Curls
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Embrace Your Child’s Curls

Let’s face it: It’s not always easy being a kid with curls. Since many children have yet to master the art of tact, they can often be cruel whether intentional or not. For kids with curly hair, having a different style or type of hair can provide fodder for kids to taunt and offer up their two cents on what they see as “weird” and “different.” For many kids, that’s enough to send them straight to their parents and ask to have the curly situation “straightened out” immediately. If your child runs into your arms with this request, here’s how you can help him/her, as well as yourself, embrace the curls:

1. Make a curly-hair routine that’s fun for both of you

Maintaining cute and healthy curls takes some work and a commitment to a routine once you’ve established what kind of curls you’re dealing with. Once you’ve got the routine you need down pat, turn the activity into something fun. Make an enemy of dry hair and pretend you’re fighting the evil “Frizz Monster,” or create a song that outlines each step to sing with your child.

The point is, making the routine something you’re both invested in for entertainment reasons will make hairstyling easier for your child, and create a bond once your kid knows you’re in it together.

2. Create Curl-Power in Your Child

Remember the saying, “you make more friends with honey than vinegar?” Shower your child with compliments. Remind her that her curls are beautiful at all times. Tell him his curly hair makes him look distinguished or awesome. Whatever it is that you say to your child about their curls, make sure that you keep the talk positive at all times. Enforce the idea that curls are to be celebrated, not mocked.

3. Make it an Overall Lesson About Life

Curly hair takes work, but the effort that goes in yields the desired results. Sound like a lesson in hard work? Once you’ve established the routine and a sense of pride in curls, take those principles and utilize them in other facets of your child’s life. Your child’s curly hair can be the catalyst for creating habits that work in school, sports and whatever profession they take up later in life!

At the end of the day, your child will appreciate knowing they have support from their parents when it comes to teasing (no pun intended) that may accompany their curls and their classmates.

With a little education, you can make curly hair a rallying call that leads to a strong bond within your family. Learning that being different is okay at a young age by embracing curls will help your child embrace who they are as a whole as they grow to be a strong, independent adult.