Fall Wedding Styles – It’s “Up-Do” You
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Fall Wedding Styles – It’s “Up-Do” You

Fall wedding season is upon us! Calendars in mid-September to mid-November are filled with Friday & Saturday weddings involving friends and family who look to the season as the perfect time to tie the knot for a variety of reasons. For many of our curly hair friends, that means deciding on the perfect look to accompany your beautiful new dress.

The secret in ensuring that your hair will be ready, regardless of what style you choose, is maintaining it on a daily basis. If you lack a proper curly hair care routine, what are you waiting for? Start washing, conditioning and styling your curls with the best curly hair products on the market for healthy and long-lasting curls. While there’s never a singular way to routinely care for any curly ‘do, it’s important you understand exactly what your curl type is to fully understand what that routine should entail.

Then there’s the importance of booking the right stylist (if you don’t do it yourself) IMMEDIATELY! You want to look your best and walking into just any salon is as dangerous a game as you can play with your luscious curls. Find a local curly hair style expert who has the knowledge and know how to properly cut and style any curl type. Preferably, it’ll be someone you’ve already grown comfortable with but, if not, starting with a salon that specializes in curls is the best way to ensure that the ‘do you rock on that day is one you’ll be proud of and wow’s your fellow guests. Now you’re probably wondering, what style do I choose now?

Keeping it simple is always an option! After all, now that you’ve added o are continuing a killer curly hair care routine, leaving your curls “au naturale” and only adding a few hair accessories can give you a great subdued look with a nice, elegant, classy dress. This is a great idea for any woman who wants to let her curls fall naturally.

Another popular idea is the classic updo, which depending on your curly hair type can take on many forms and shapes. Whether keeping it simple with minimal product to create the natural updo, or using the best curly hair styling creams and leave-in conditioners for that scrunched, wet look, the updo can accompany however you may be dressed. From the free-flowing ball gown to the short, elegant look of a flared dress, your curly updo will be a huge hit from the moment you step in the church or hall.