Mama Was Right… Oil & Water Don’t Mix
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Mama Was Right… Oil & Water Don’t Mix

We all grew up with a wise, older individual who would use the saying, “oil and water don’t mix.” Whether at home or at school, any time two people who just couldn’t “click” were around one another, you could expect that the trouble that followed would be accompanied by that saying to help explain why it occurred.

When it comes to your curly hair, quite literally, oil and water don’t mix. There are plenty of issues surrounding the use of oil in hair to provide a moisturizing layer. While there is plenty of misinformation surrounding certain oils, we at Curly Hair Solutions have extensive knowledge that proves the old saying applies to both people and their hair.

Common oils used by individuals (including Coconut Oil & Argan Oil) do not provide the moisturizing benefits they claim. Oils naturally repel water once in contact with it. Coating your hair with oil before using a legitimate moisturizer from Curly Hair Solutions (all our moisturizers are water-based) will actually prevent natural moisture from entering the cuticle – the very place that stores moisture the hair needs to be healthy and vibrant.

Depending on your curly hair type, a certain amount of water is needed in order to maintain healthy moisturized hair. How your hair can respond to water is based significantly on its porosity (how people measure your hair’s ability to absorb moisture). Your curly hair, regardless of type, needs a water-based protein treatment to block moisture from passing through the cuticle. Using oils in your hair completely hinders that process.

Besides all of that, the potential side-effects from adding oils to your hair should be enough to deter you from adding them to your daily hair care routine. Rashes, allergic reactions, itchiness, difficulty breathing a general redness of the skin and scalp? Doesn’t sound like the results your curls need to remain healthy, does it?

Just as is the case for your overall dietary health, water is the most natural and healthiest solution for your hair’s overall vibrancy. Water-based curly hair products, like the products Curly Hair Solutions™ has proudly created for all curly locks, gives your hair the ammo it needs to fight frizz and dryness. Health, shiny curls can be yours with water-based washing, conditioning and styling products. Heed the advice of the wise and the experts – oil and water shouldn’t mix in business, relationships and especially when dealing with your naturally curly hair.