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Fitness & Curls 101

Ponytail's leaving dents in your once immaculate curls? We've ALL been there. Although gorgeous curls can make for some KILLER workout selfies, wearing your hair down can get in the way. The time and cost associated with workout hair care is enough to keep us away from the gym, but the experts at The Curly Hair Institute have gathered their do or die tips for PERFECT Gym Curls!

Find a Go-To Gym Hairstyle

Its CRUCIAL for every gym goer to throw their hair in an up-do or protective style prior to the gym so curls stay safely out of your face and far away from getting caught on any equipment. We recommend a Backless Cap for Curls to keep the sweat away from your hair and scalp while keeping your styles intact. Try Braids or a Pineapple Pony for low maintenance looks that allow your scalp to breathe, while still giving a polished, insta-ready look!

Refresh Curls AND Scalp

No time to shower post workout? Say no to dry shampoo and try a Refresh Spray designed for curls which can freshen hair while adding shine, volume, and curl definition on the go. We recommend a Refresh Spray that includes Aloe, Candela and Chamomile to keeps hair fresh and neutralizes odours, shower free.

Add Leave In to Your Pineapple

If you’re not sure how to incorporate super-hydrating products into your routine, try The Curly Hair Institute method: Add a lightweight, moisture repairing Leave In Conditioner to your pre-gym style. Post workout hair will have a voluminous, bouncy curly look that will be extra hydrated and ready to rock.  

To Control Your Hair's Buildup, Use Clarifying Products

Curl Myst Busters Here: Curls CAN be washed often. Yes, we said it! Although anti-shampoo talk has made its rounds as the latest and greatest hair hack, it’s ALWAYS important to be to wash the scalp properly after high intensity activities. Otherwise, you risk sweat build up on the scalp causing: itching, flaking, and possibly inflammation. No thank you. A Sulphate-Free clarifying shampoo packed with rich minerals to strengthen, restore, and invigorate hair and scalp is perfect for dry, colour treated, or chemically processed hair.