Stylist Approved Summer Curl Tips
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Stylist Approved Summer Curl Tips

Before you even think about creating some gorgeous sun kissed curl looks, you need to think of getting your hair into tip top condition. Looking for some humidity-proof curl tips and tricks? We've asked our expert stylists to gathered their fav hot curl summer solutions to help you along your Curl Journey!


Sun exposure & Scalp Sunburns?

The suns rays do more than just damage your skin- UV rays intensify hair dryness from usual chemical treatments or heat appliances.  As much as we LOVE a good tan, sun safety should always be your top priority for curl and skin safety. A backless cap is the perfect beach bag essential for some fun in the sun, by the beach or around in the pool, while showing off your messy bun, half-up half down or curly ponytail! No re-application required 😉 


No Time For Air-Drying? 

Don't spend your summer with a blowdryer on high. Microfiber towels are able to quickly absorb water, shortening your drying time, without leaving your curls feeling dry. Microfiber Towel  dries hair quickly AND helps to define curls, plus is perfect for your beach bag. No more lint covered curls! 



Looking for On The Go Waves?

Beach Hair, anywhere. Enhance your beachy waves with a texturizing Himalayan Salt Spray to create long-lasting fullness and bounce.  Includes all day humidity control and is great for on-the-go pool days. Perfect for loose curl types! Sand not included.




Chlorine Damaging Curls?

Chlorine has a tendency to stick around, leaving curls with a dry texture stripped of moisture.  Rinse with fresh water and add a hydrating detangler before (and after!) jumping in the pool for healthy and hydrated fun in the sun. We recommend a silicone-free detangler that will loosen hair knots and locks in hair colour.  Looking for more info on Chlorine? Read More Here! 



Tangles ruining Styles? 

Heat, humidity and chlorine creating messy, touch tangles? We recommend a wet detangling brush to make curl clumping and detangling MUCH easier on wet curls. To prevent additional damage, pair with your favourite leave in conditioner or detangling spray.