Hair Trends for Fall And Winter
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Hair Trends for Fall And Winter

Both Fall and Winter are seasons for new hair opportunities and interesting trends. From a wild contrasting color palette, to a renewal and reimagining of classic hair styles, the choices for Fall and Winter 2016 and 2017 are nearly endless.

Into The Woods
Hair color trends can be as versatile as a walk into the woods in Fall. Like falling leaves, the color palette runs the whole gamut from copper and pumpkin spice, to golden blonde and burgundy. However, if you want something a tad simpler, a la natural is also in style. Natural hair colors offer a balance of warm and cool tones while autumn lights (highlights of amber, caramel, and light brown) give dimension to naturally brown hair.

For a walk on the wild side, Fall and Winter hair color trends also lean toward the twilight spectrum of colors. Variations of blue and purple are huge this season, including smoky violet and mermaid blue. A smoky-gray ombre, watermelon, and pink-copper ecaille are also great options for the wild child at heart.

Free and Curly
It’s time to shake what your momma gave you: for Fall and Winter, curls are in! Whether you choose a short cut with rounded layers, or a squared and layered bob, curls are one of THE styles for the season. Runways are even showing more of a 1970’s look with brushed-out curls that poof out like poodles and proud pompadours. Sounds like a great excuse to simply roll out of bed, and with a few fluffy touches to your hair, go like that!

Let’s Be Blunt (We Like The Shag)
And speaking of rolling out of bed, two hair style trends are making it easy to get up and let loose. This season, we’re seeing hair styles trend toward chin- to mid-length shags and bobs. Both hair styles can be paired with blunt or wispy bangs. But, for the true runway look, baby bangs (bangs that are above the eyebrow line, often covering up the upper half the forehead only) are also in.

Let’s Be Knotty
After a night on the town with your messy shag or sleek bob, you may have the urge to pull your hair out of your face and get going the morning after. Lucky for you, knots and ponytails are both trending this season. Low knotted buns, knotted pony tails, low pony tails, and high knotted buns will let you show off your new color and accessories without the fuss of a hairdryer. And for that extra flair, an unconventional braid will give will have your coworkers oohing and ahhing.

Most of the time, accessories are an afterthought for curly hair. But not this season! Accessories reign supreme with the use of bobby pins and alligator clips. Enhance your natural look with faux or fresh flower blossoms, or go old school with vintage and antique hair jewelry. Or, if you want style and are rushing out the door, both wide fabric headbands (2-3 inches wide) and thin metal headbands are making a comeback for Fall/Winter 2016.

Are you embracing twilight colors and bobby pins? Or going natural with a nice knot? Let us know in the comments below!