Seasonal Maintenance for Loose Curls – A Review
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Seasonal Maintenance for Loose Curls – A Review

While there are plenty of women out there who have been blessed with curly hair, we also all know the struggles that we face every day to keep our hair looking its best. I hated having curly hair, and I always wished that my hair would be straight like all of my friends –  until I turned 16, and realised how much women actually pay to get their hair to look like mine. I did some research, and learned how to actually take care of my curly locks. I had been damaging my hair for years using blow dryers and straighteners; I am still surprised at how bad I actually let my hair get. Now that I’m 23, I know how to properly take care of my hair, and I have found products that I don’t know how I lived without.

I live in Michigan, which means I get the worst of all seasons. I have to deal with snow, and the harsh, drying winter on my hair. Then in the summer, there are days when it can get up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and I still expect my hair to look as good as it did before I left my house. I found that Curly Hair Solutions products are the best products that I can use on my hair. One night when I was doing research, I stumbled upon their website, I read review after review raving about Curly Hair Solutions, and the magic that their products have worked on so many people with curly hair. I ordered my first products, which were their Treatment Shampoo and their Leave-In Conditioner. I was in love from the moment that I received these products in the mail. Now that it is summer, I needed something that would help keep my hair curly throughout the day, no matter the activities I was doing that day.

My hair is normally pretty dry. I think this is because I use a diffuser to dry my hair every morning. So I decided to try the Curl Keeper Leave-In Conditioner: I combed my hair in the shower, and applied a dime size amount with my hands to my hair. I could feel that my hair already felt softer as I towel-dried it, getting ready to diffuse my curls. Once dry, I noticed that the spots in my hair that I have always had problems with frizz and looking dry were bouncy and full of life. I don’t know how I have lived without this leave-in conditioner. Unlike some other products I have used, this one didn’t leave my hair greasy or crunchy, like I have experienced with other products.

The next product I used was the Curl Keeper Original. I used this along with the Leave-In Conditioner one morning. I noticed that some of the trouble areas I was still having, like my bangs, and ends, were more nourished and healthy. I like that I can use the Curl Keeper Original to style my hair when it’s wet, and also when it’s dry. I sometimes get spots that haven’t dried the way I would like them to, and need a little extra help getting those areas to curl like the rest of my hair. I am able to take a small amount of this product and rub it on my palms. I then run my hands and the product through these areas and help my problem spots curl along with the rest of my hair.

Now, I am a big outdoors woman. I love being on our bass boat, but the boat destroys my curls. Often when we are done fishing, we like to grab some dinner, or go out. I normally don’t have time to wash my hair, and need something that will help my curls reactivate. I am in love with the Curl Keeper Beach Mist for this reason! I take this product with me everywhere. Once I get out of the boat, I spray my hair down, then load all of the equipment into the truck. From the time that I use the spray to the time that we are ready to leave – about 10 minutes – the mist has dried. The smell of the Beach Mist is amazing, just like all of the other products I have used. The best thing about the mist is that I can use a lot, or a little, it just depends on how my curls are looking. I like that I am able to use this product and let my hair dry naturally, or use my diffuser and get the same results. My curls are intact again, and I get compliments on how nice my hair looks, even after being on the lake all day.

I have never had products that are so nice to my hair. I love knowing that what I am putting on my hair is actually good for it! I have used hundreds of products in hopes of them restoring my hair. But now that I have Curly Hair Solutions on my side, I never have to worry about having a bad hair day again.