Halloween Costume Ideas for Curly Girls
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Halloween Costume Ideas for Curly Girls

We may want to trade our normal lives for someone else on Halloween night, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up our curls! Check out some of the best Halloween costumes that allow you to showcase your gorgeous waves!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, the country pop star sensation, has hair that is just as famous as her catchy songs. Even though I keep telling myself I will never ever sing her songs again, we keep getting back together! 
To achieve her curly hairstyle, you’ll need a healthy dose of heartbreak angst coupled with perfect ringlets. Part your hair to the side and straighten out your bangs if you have them. If your curls are on the looser side, apply Curl Keeper to the rest of your hair and individually wrap each curl around your finger to really bring out the “S” formation. Finish by diffusing your hair and applying Taylor’s signature red lips.


You have a lot of options if you want to go as the queen of hip-hop for Halloween. If you can convince your significant other to be your accessory for the night, you could go as the royal power couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z. You and a friend could go as the beautiful Knowles sisters, Beyonce and Solange; or you could channel Beyonce’s funkiness in Austin Powers as Foxy Cleopatra, complete with as much gold as you can get your hands on.
Beyonce’s curl styles are just as versatile as the costume options. Her curls have gone through several reincarnations over the years from loose waves to tight curls. Let your natural curls down, flash a smile and call all your single ladies to put their hands up!

Merida from Disney’s Brave
A Halloween as Merida allows you to indulge your inner princess even if you’re not a major girly-girl. Merida’s look includes a green dress, a bow and arrow; and long, luscious red, curls. You need a bit of frizzy curls to get Merida’s look so style your hair as usual, then before going to bed, put your hair in a pineapple. That does not mean heading to your local grocer for some fruit, it involves stacking your hair in the highest ponytail you can get, right at the very top of your head. Make sure the ponytail is loose or else your hair will have a kink through it the next day!
In the morning, unleash your pineapple and start scrunching your hair. Turn your head upside down and ruffle your roots to get more volume. Add a bit of Tweek, which is essentially a hairspray in cream form, to the areas where you’d like a bit more definition – but not too much! Merida’s curls are wild and fun.
If you want to take your costume to the next level, add curly extensions (preferably in red) or use temporary red spray-dye all over your locks. The temporary spray dyes are better than the chalk or comb-in dyes for us curlies because they’re less damaging.

Tiana from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog
Keeping with the Disney princess theme, if you ARE a true girly girl, Disney’s pioneering princess (she was the first black princess and the first with curly hair) is perfect for you!
Tiana’s costume is easy. Gather your hair into the highest sock bun you can get, leaving out a single tendril at the front of your hair and the back. Add a crown, a green ball gown, maybe a toy frog and you’re ready to find your prince!

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe’s classic beauty still remains relevant decades after her heyday. To get her retro Hollywood curls, part your hair to the side and wrap medium size sections around large flexi rods (they can be found in most beauty supply stores). Once done, either sit under the Bonnet Hood Dryer or cover your hair with a satin bonnet and sleep on it. Unwrap your hair the next day and lightly finger comb through it. Add a white dress and stay away from fans and subway grates!

Lion from Wizard of Oz
If all else fails, fluff that mane, add lots of bronzer and unleash your inner animal. Take inspiration from the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz. Style your curls as usual and add a red bow to the top. For the rest of the night, act very, very scared!

Written By: Joy Gurr
Joy has been a proud curly girl all her life, that includes the awkward stages of her youth when she would brush her curls (gasp!) resulting in a huge curly puff that could rival any 80’s ‘do. Since then, Joy has tried and tested many, many hair products, styles and cuts to now be a self professed curl connoisseur. Joy is a 9 to 5 working girl living in Ottawa, Canada.