NEW How to Curl Keeper Videos
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NEW How to Curl Keeper Videos

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper is one of the most popular frizz controlling products in the curly hair world. Due to the request of our fantastic fans, we have made 2 Brand New Videos that will show you the philosophy behind Curl Keeper and how to get the maximum results to achieve gorgeous defined frizz free curls!

Curl Keeper Tutorial Video

A step by step tutorial on how to get perfect frizz free curls using the most renowned Curly Hair Solutions product Curl Keeper. Get total frizz control 100% of the time in all weather conditions. A water based product that is pH balanced for all curl types and best of all does not contain any silicones or oils so it will not weigh down your curls. Discover how simple and easy it is to transform your unmanageable frizzy curls into fabulous bouncy, well defined frizz controlled curls.

Curl Keeper with Jonathan Torch

Jonathan Torch, creator of Curly Hair Solutions curly hair products, shares his love for curly hair and how he created the most popular product, Curl Keeper. Learning how to style your  can be a challenge. With each curl type comes different challenges but one thing all curlies stuggle with is frizz. Curl Keeper is the one product you need that will allow you to manage your curly hairstyle, get total frizz control and curl definition. Find out how you can become the master of your curls and begin to love and embrace your natural luscious curls!

If you are having trouble viewing the videos, check them out on our You Tube Channel.