How to get your hair to ReMane Straight
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How to get your hair to ReMane Straight

The idea of blow-drying my hair has always scared me a little bit. A combination of the smell of my hair burning and sounds of my ends sizzling pretty much gives me an anxiety attack. It took a bit of time, but I slowly developed a regime that converts curls into silky tresses and lasts even with humidity: enter Curl Keeper ReMane Straight. My curl type falls between a 3B and 3C, so a tight curl. My hair isn’t incredibly unruly, but blow-drying is still a daunting task.

Step One: I prepare my hair the night before by using the Pure Silk Protein Deep Moisturizing Treatment. I separate my hair into 4 sections and apply the conditioner from mid shaft all the way to the tip. I then put on a shower cap and go to sleep. I find by doing this I lock in moisture and activate the natural oils in my scalp and hair follicles. This will protect my hair from damage when I do begin to apply heat.

Step Two: In the morning I rinse out the conditioner in the shower and shampoo my hair thoroughly with Curly Hair Solutions Energizing Shampoo. I then condition my hair a second time with the Curl Keeper Conditioner and rinse my hair thoroughly. I then wrap my curls in a jersey cloth (I find that jersey cloths absorb better than towels and they don’t make my hair feel dry or stripped).

Step Three: I separate my hair into 4 sections. I have a lot of hair and by doing this it makes handling my hair a lot easier.

Step Four: I apply the Curl Keeper ReMane Straight Serum from root to tip and I begin blow-drying with a round brush which gives me more control and helps keep my hair smooth.

I repeat these 4 steps with the 3 other sections and my hair is left feeling soft, silky and frizz free! For ultimate silky tresses you can use a flat iron to tackle the bits of hair that you couldn’t get to with your blow-drier. Curl Keeper ReMane Straight serum does a great to protect your hair against heat damage and humidity.