Long Term Hair Growth Plan
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Long Term Hair Growth Plan

Jonathan Torch has seen quite a few curly clients transition from the results of previous hair styles into newer ones, and he’s seen some of these clients go through several months with bad grow outs. It’s important to remember that if you want to grow out your hair properly, it is essential you take care of the condition of your hair. Patience is so important when growing out your natural hair, as it takes a curl two and a half times longer to wrap around itself to form a ringlet. Waiting that long could be agonizing – even after three months, you may not notice a big difference. But it is a very rewarding process if it’s done correctly. The hair growth plan below can help you learn about how your hair grows and will help your curls grow longer, stronger and healthier than before!

Figure out your curly hair problem:
The first and most important step to growing your hair out is figuring out any problems you’re having with your hair. If you’re finding that your hair is dry or can’t hold a curl, the problem with your hair can be anything from an issue with product build-up to a lack of protein in the strand itself. It could even be the products you’re using. Take time to figure out what ingredients are in the hair products you’re using and do some research on its effects on your hair.

Once you’ve figured out which products to keep, let the bad ones go. Then, try to find products that will help with any curly hair problem you’re having, and make sure they have water as the first ingredient; these are called water-based products. The entire Curl Keeper® line is water based and has great moisturizing ingredients that do not buildup on your hair. Just remember that figuring out what products work for you takes time, so be patient with your hair when working with a new product – it might be a few days before you notice an effect on your hair.

Invest in regular trims:

It may sound counterproductive, but regular trims are necessary in growing your hair longer. When split ends aren’t cut off, the split travels up the hair shaft, which causes hair to break and fall off at, or close, to the root. A good way to know when to trim your hair when you start to see your ends become frayed. Regular trims should happen around every 6-8 weeks. Trimming a bit of your hair now can save you from weak and unhealthy hair later.

Learn how to clean your hair:
A lot of people confuse moisture with washing your hair a lot. This is simply not the case. Curly hair doesn’t need to be shampooed often; but it is an essential part of curly hair care. Shampoos should help to get rid of the buildup and dirt on your hair, while conditioner helps to moisturize and protect your curls. Try to avoid shampoos that strip the hair, or conditioners that coat the hair with oils or silicones. Wash your hair every 3-4 days and your hair will thank you.

Learn about scalp therapy:
Scalp therapy is a great way to help your hair grow longer and stronger. It’s important to be extremely gentle with your scalp when styling or washing your hair. Massaging your scalp warms your skin and increases blood flow to the hair follicles, which allows the hair to take in more nutrients that aids in hair growth. A scalp massage can be performed by you or someone else, when your hair is dry or wet. Take five minutes a day to give yourself a relaxing head massage and you’ll see great results.

Although grow outs may be long and tedious, if done correctly, they can be highly rewarding. While it does take time and commitment to a hair-care regime, growing out your hair is a very rewarding experience. So take the time necessary, and have fun with the process and your new, longer, healthier curls!