Long Wavy Curl Makeover
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Long Wavy Curl Makeover

Sarah has strong and healthy long loose curls which to hold its shape well because her hair absorbs and holds onto moisture. However, because she has a loose curl, the more scrunching she does when her hair is wet, the more defined curl formation she will achieve. Providing she uses the proper styling products, her curls can end up lasting for several days with no frizz. Find out how Jonathan Torch got the best from her wavy curls and what tips he has for those of you who have similar curl texture and length.

Steps and Products to achieve this look:

1. We washed with two applications of Energizing Shampoo. Then, we used the Conditioner and focused the application on the ends of Sarah’s hair. The ends were in need of extra moisturizing and softening.

2. We sprayed an abundance of Curl Keeper Slip, as it was required to detangle her knotted hair. Slip is also a lighter leave-in conditioner, which would continuously condition her curls.

3. Once Sarah’s hair was completely detangled, we applied generous amounts of Curl Keeper Original while the hair was still dripping wet. Flipping her head forward, we began to squish and scrunch her curls. Adding a bit of Curl Keeper Gel to the palms, we continued to squish and scrunch her hair 30-40 times. This helps to create and enhance the ringlet formation, and to provide more hold to her looser curls.

4. After the curly hair styling products were applied we used the Roller Jaw Clamps to prevent the weight of her long wet curls from loosening her curl formation. Section by section we pinned her curls on top of her head. It’s important that Sarah’s hair must dry with as little movement as possible, because the more movement her hair could get, the more frizz would appear.

5. After air-drying her hair until it was surface-dry, we removed the clips. Sarah flipped over her head again and we sprayed the Curl Keeper Beach Mist all over her surface-dried hair.

6. Lastly, we used the diffuser to help dry her curls using a high heat on a low setting. As the hair continued to dry, I continued adding a few extra pumps of the Beach Mist to add more texture and volume.


Loose Curl Problems:

The main issues with long looser curls are that hairstyles tend to lay flatter on the top of the head, and the curls lose the bounce very easily. This curl type is also extremely affected by build-up from heavier and greasier products. It may take some time for the build-up to affect the styles of the medium/tight curl, but with looser curls it may only take one application of a heavy ingredient to sabotage most styles. Strong shampoo formulas and dry weather can also cause unmanageable static in the hair, resulting in flyways.

Styling techniques:

The most important and effective way to deepen the ‘s’ formation in any curl type, but particularly for loose curls, is to focus on scrunching your wet curls for 3-4 minutes. Some loose curl types may not out easily achieve perfect ringlets, and may need extra help. For hair with a wavier texture, it takes more work, but extra focus and preparation during the styling process is what will determine the outcome of the curly hairstyle.

The Roller Jaw Clamps are effective to get extra lift and support in problem areas. Even on days two and three, the clamps will play an essential role in style management and maintenance.

Common misconceptions:

The biggest mistake people make with loose curls is that people tend to assume looser hair is frail and weak, when actually it is the strongest of all curl patterns. Long loose curls require more hair cutting maintenance, as the ends tend to split more easily. Incorrect layering can also cause unwanted wings which are aggravating to control. But once the curls are cut, conditioned and styled correctly, this curl pattern shows the perfect soft beachy curl, which is the dream style on the runways today.

If you have similar curls, style and texture and have questions, please comment below this post so we can answer them for you!