Mens Curls: Styling and Management 101
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Mens Curls: Styling and Management 101

One of the most common problems male curlies have is that they aren’t using the right products for their hair type. Some men with curls try to put the effort in the wrong places: daily washing, over brushing, and over oiling.

Curls can be overwhelming, so we asked our expert stylists for their best advice to keep men's curls looking good all day long, in all weather conditions.

  1. Avoid Wax and Pomades

We don't recommend wax or pomades - unless you're going for Elvis Presley vibes. We must warn you, the sticky texture of wax and pomade clogs scalp pores and adds unnecessary build up, grease, weight and stiffness which won't hold your hair through wind or rain. We recommend a clean, water-based Gel that gives lightweight shine and the perfect amount of hold to accentuate your curls in rain and shine.

  1. Swap Out Your Heavy Towels

Air and towel drying your curls helps prevent unnecessary breakage and tangles. To speed up the air drying process without heavy towels, try lightweight and super-absorbent microfiber gloves. Scrunching your hair dry instead of vigorously rubbing it with the towel helps shape curls while avoiding extra movement or damage.

  1. Don't neglect your beard

Perfect for skin and hair, Dry Oil Elixir features fine molecules from non-comedogenic ingredients: Vegan Squalane, Chia and Sacha Inchi oils for quick absorption and long-lasting hydration by locking-in essential nutrients. Also a fantastic finisher for lightweight shine.

  1. Crucial Scalp Care

The best solution to any problem is one that involves a massage! The benefits of a scalp massage for hair growth focuses on the hair follicles by boosting blood flow to your scalp. Brushing and detangling hair WET will help define curls, distribute product and prevent more damage than dry brushing.

Unlike fine-tooth combs, The Flexy Brush is designed with extra-long and flexible bristles to prevent hair loss and thinning while encouraging good scalp circulation for thicker, stronger hair growth. 

  1. Avoid Daily Shampooing

Water does some AMAZING things to curls, but everyday shampooing can strip precious oils and moisture from your scalp and hair. Try washing your hair every other day and build up to shampooing once a week to help care for curls. We recommend a sulfate-free Treatment Shampoo for its high levels of panthenol to hydrate and volumize curls.