Miss Born Natural Beauty Pageant
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Miss Born Natural Beauty Pageant

Curly Hair Solutions™ is excited to be supporting this year’s Miss Born Natural Beauty Pageant taking place March 14th in Mooresville, North Carolina. We had the privilege to sit down with the pageant host and Founder of For Real Girl, Angela Holland, and chat about this fantastic event!

1. Tell us more about your organization and where the name “For Real Girl” came from! 
The name For Real Girl was the idea of my husband. He wanted to give the company a name that would help women embrace who they are by being themselves. We want the real girl in each of our clients, seminars, and event attendees to feel free to talk to us with out the feeling of being judged or having to pretend to be something that they aren’t.

2. What was the inspiration for creating “Miss Born Natural Beauty Pageant”? 
The beauty pageant was the brainchild of a good friend, Chandra Cleveland-Jennings. She was working on another pageant and one of her assistant expressed interest in wanting to participate in a pageant without having to change her hairstyle. The pageant originated in South Carolina and the creator made the decision to expand the pageants reach. The North Carolina pageant will be the first one to kick-off the Miss Born Natural pageant season. When I heard about the pageant I was sold. I thought it was a wonderful way to showcase natural hair. The pageant will be the first in North Carolina, and that in itself will make history.

3. What is the focus of this pageant and how it is different from others? 
The focus of the Miss Born Natural Beauty Pageant is to help those with natural hair show others how beautiful and versatile natural hair can be. It also helps the contestants to be a part of the natural hair movement in a positive way. We have included a sit down dinner for this pageant because we wanted to put an elegant spin on it.

4. Can you shed some light on your natural hair journey? 
My natural hair journey began a little over five years ago as the result of a bad color job and relaxer that left my hair with severe breakage and chemical damage. The decision to go natural was not an easy one, but it was necessary. I began my transition with next to no knowledge on how to care for my hair or what products I should use. So I made it a priority to educate myself on everything to do with going natural, what natural hair meant, and the products that were best for the transition. I had a lot of trial and error moments and savoured the successful ones although they were few and far between. I have done a little bit of everything when it comes to my natural hair, including adding color, different curly hairstyles such as wearing weaves, protective styling and wash n go’s. I can honestly say that I love my natural hair and I wouldn’t trade the journey for anything. I have made mistakes in my journey, which is what allows me to teach others, and it resonates with those that I meet because I am giving them true-life experiences.

5. What is the main message you are trying to spread to your followers and attendees? 
Take the time to learn and educate yourself about your hair so that you will in turn, love your hair and be happy with what you have been given. I get a lot of clients that are looking for the miracle product in a jar and want to forgo the education, however I inform them that while products are important you have to know what is best for your hair type.

6. What can we expect from For Real Girl in the future? 
We will do more events that showcase the beauty of natural and curly hair and expand our educational offerings to include knowledgeable natural stylists. We are also looking to become more involved in our community by hosting some free events and possibly do another pageant!

For information on tickets please go to http://mbnbptickets.eventbrite.com or call 704-663-1223
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