The Verdict on the Loose Curl Kit
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The Verdict on the Loose Curl Kit

I’ve been searching for a new regimen for ages, especially since changing my hair. It went from  and brown to a just at the chin bob and red. My usual medium curls were having a bit of trouble, especially since I think the color did something a little funky. So! I tried Curly Hair Solutions™ Treatment Shampoo, Slip Detangler, Curl Keeper™ Original and because I was going to the gym much later in the day, I tried the Curl Keeper™ Gel.

I’m a stickler for smell because I can’t stand heady scents that cause major sneezing. The Treatment Shampoo was fruity like a piña colada and the Detangler had another fruity scent I can’t quite place my finger on. What I liked the most is that none of the scents competed with one another, and the Curl Keeper Original and Gel were very light in fragrance. And my nose appreciates not being bombarded with either that chemical smell or the overpowering flowery scent.

The LOOK: 
As far as the shampoo, it was clear and had no color, so I knew I was getting a decent product. It wasn’t hidden behind any chemicals and since it’s silicone free, I didn’t have to worry about that either. My one concern was that amount I had to use (which is usually a lot), and really it was no more than any other shampoo.

I loved Slip as a Detangler because it is a leave in conditioner without the weight. I could definitely get used to using less than other sprays because the nozzle wasn’t a cheapo one that clogged within the first couple of tries. Plus, it didn’t give the oily look some conditioners have. Instead, it felt clean and smooth.

As for the Curl Keeper Gel and Original, I was impressed yet again. I have this fear that the less curly side of my head will make me look ridiculous, but everything checked out. For the first time without doing anything to my hair (including giving myself whiplash to fluff the wavier side), my hair looks evenly curled.

My hair wasn’t weighed down, nor was it crunchy from the gel. In fact, the curl kept so nicely while at the gym I did not even have to fiddle with it when I got home. My hair still felt clean, soft and smooth. After a full day, I am definitely impressed.

For someone who has allergies like me, it’s a great option. I’m so glad these products exist because I can use them without feeling itchy. That’s a feat for hair products everywhere.

What’s more is the products work. They give the natural, biodegradable movement a good name by being a productive option. All of the curly hair products still contain a nice fragrance. CHS Treatment Shampoo still cleans better than other shampoos without all of the potentially harmful products. Plus hair comes out clean, smooth, and ready to work with.

Written By: Samantha Berley
Samantha Berley is an author and freelance writer born and raised in sunny California. As a lover and not a fighter, Samantha has embraced her curly hair and has become her own hair expert. Her work has been published in various online and print publications such as the hair website Naturally Curly as well as Social Media Week Los Angeles, GeekPeeks, TasteTablet, Halftime Magazine and Everydog Magazine. Samantha is currently working on the second half of her novel, Code Periwinkle Blue.