Morning Measures for Busy Curlies
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Morning Measures for Busy Curlies

Here’s an experience I’m sure many of you have had. As you start to get snug in your bed, where you are nice and cozy and almost passed out, you are abruptly wrenched from dreamland because you realize that tomorrow morning is wash day. So much for sleep! Now you anxiously lay in bed, your mind ablaze as you try to figure out how on earth you are going to accomplish great hair in your morning routine and still make it to work on time. Fortunately, we have some suggestions that may save you some time in the morning rush:

Do your skincare/makeup regime while your hair is still wet
Most of us do this anyways but if you don’t, it’s a great way to maximize on time. Make sure to stay in your towel – now is not the time to get dressed, unless you want product all over your clothes! Once you have applied product to your hair and have styled it the way that you like it, give your hair the time it needs to air-dry. This is the opportune moment to throw on your deodorant, facial and body moisturizer, or any other makeup you want to wear that day. Get your daily makeup go to’s and finish your face, but before you leave the bathroom, plug in your diffuser and have it ready for use!

Focus on food
As your hair is air-drying, if you have difficulty with achieving volume, now is a good idea to pop in a few hair clips at the root and crown of your head in order to give you some “oomph” and lift for your curls. In the meantime, bust out your juicer or blender and make your smoothie; if not a smoothie, then whatever you eat for breakfast. Still have some time? Get that lunch packed and in front of your door so you don’t run out without it – and make sure to check the weather forecast too!

Outfit of The Day
Once food is handled, now is a good time to head back to the bathroom and blast your curls with the diffuser for 5 minutes. You only really need five minutes to diffuse, especially if you alternate between the hot and cool temperature on your hairdryer. It’s a quick and easy way to give gorgeous shape to your curls without individually styling every curl! So during that time, start thinking about your outfit of the day! Oh yes, while you are thinking about that, brush your teeth you have a spare hand! After 5 minutes of diffusing is done, lay out your outfit, shoes and accessories, don’t forget to factor in the weather…Now you can take those clips out and head back to the bathroom.

Prepare your purse/bag
Since your clips are out of your hair, this is a good time for the final blast of diffusing for a good 2 minutes before you trip on the chord to your blow dryer trying to put it away! The clock is ticking and once those two minutes are done, find your purse. Keys? Check. Tablet? Check. Cell Phone? Double check! Wait…where is your lunch? Oh yeah, by the door! Slip on your shoes and run out the door.

As we all know, great curls don’t come easy. People really have no idea what happens behind closed doors on wash day, and then they wonder why we hate it when people touch our hair! Regardless of what your routine is, if you plan a little ahead of time getting things done between styling and drying, your morning hair routine can be simple!