Wedding Day Curls
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Wedding Day Curls

In the first few weeks after getting engaged, I had a nightmare that constantly repeated. I would be walking down the aisle and guests would be whispering and pointing at me. At first, I think they’re admiring how on point my dress is, or that they really like how my blush peonies match the blush bridesmaids’ dresses. But as I get further down the aisle, I see the horror on my groom’s face as he stares at my hair. “WHAT did you do?!” My maid of honour whips out a mirror (which she was somehow hiding in her bra…it’s a dream, OK?!). I take a look and start screaming at the horror that is the matted, knotted, curly ball of frizz on my head!!!

After a few weeks of insomnia, I decided that I needed a plan for my curls on my wedding day. Wedding hair is no joke, people! On your big day, the last stress you need is whether Mother Nature is going to ruin your show. Check out this foolproof plan for perfect wedding hair!

Six Months Out

If you don’t have a curl care regime, now is the time to start treating your hair to some TLC! We recommend deeply conditioning your hair at least weekly, using Pure Silk Protein to prepare your hair for its time to shine. Six months ahead of your wedding is also the ideal time to start thinking about what you’d like to do with your curls. Do you want to showcase your natural waves? Are you thinking about straightening it? Extensions? Wigs? Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s true to your style. You want to look back on your wedding photos and be recognizable.

If you’ll be using a stylist, call and book your consultation, your trial, and the day-of appointment. If you don’t currently have a stylist, consider testing out a new stylist in advance by getting your hair done for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. Hair trials can be pricey, so doing a test run on a less expensive style, will give you a feel for the hairdresser’s style and whether they can hold a coveted spot in your glam team! Finding a salon that specializes in curly hair is a huge asset. As we all know, curly hair is particular, and you don’t want an amateur messing around with your curls when the stakes are high! So to prep before your wedding, make sure you have an idea of what you want to do around six months before. It’s the easiest way to fight off those terrible dreams!

The Big Trial (Three Months Before)

Like any trial, the accused must come prepared to make their case. While I hope your stylist’s chair is more comfortable than the courtroom stand, you will need to come prepared with curly hairstyles you like, and styles that you don’t like. Make sure that your examples are realistic, though. If you’re getting married in a humid August, don’t expect a blow out to last.

If you’re wearing a veil, be sure to bring it as well to see how the veil and the hair look together. Most importantly, be honest with your stylist if you don’t like what you see. The trial is the time to play around and try different styles until you find one that you like. Just like with the guy and the dress, you’ll know when you’ve found “the one!”

It almost goes without saying, but make sure that your trial coincides with a special event. You can’t come home and watch Netflix with your hair looking fabulous!

The Week Before

The week before the wedding is the perfect time to get a colour touch up and a trim so that your curls are fresh for the wedding. But if you don’t colour your hair normally, now is NOT the time to try it out. A trim is truly a trim, so don’t do anything drastic, either. Stay the course, old faithful! For the sake of your wedding hair!

Happily Ever After

The day is here! Rise and shine and get your curls done early to account for any possible mishaps (but there won’t be any – fingers crossed!). Ensure that your day-of-kit includes extra products like hairspray, bobby pins, a mini curling iron, and whatever else you think you may need – and then some! Also, make sure you bring a large golf umbrella, just in case Mother Nature decides not to cooperate.

Congratulations on your big day and make sure to enjoy it! With a little preparation, your curls will look lovely no matter what you decide to do with them!