Q&A with Curl Stylist Ely
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Q&A with Curl Stylist Ely

Hey Curlfriends! I have Ely Guspie from the Curly Hair Institute in Toronto Canada here with me today… and we are all about the gossip! As a regular curly girl, we all know that it can be tough trying to get the right information from a stylist that isn’t as familiar with the curly industry. That is why we jumped at the opportunity to speak to a curl expert to shed some insight. Ely specializes in “reds” as she has been “almost every shade” and has got to be one of the most approachable and friendly stylists I have met. She has been working at the Curly Hair Institute for 8 years, so she definitely knows a ton about working with all different curl types.

When did you realize being a stylist was what you wanted and why curls?
I didn’t… it just kind of happened. I was always the girl doing all her friend’s hair growing up. One day I was lucky enough to turn it into a career! Working with Jonathan Torch really made me fall in love with the curl. I get such satisfaction out of teaching someone to manage their hair.

What are a few important things that you’ve learnt about curly hair over the years?
Water controls all naturally curly hair, and silicones aggravate it. Think of it as saran wrap that coats your curls so no two curls stick together, no two curls are the same, not even on the same head! So it’s unrealistic to expect to get the same results daily.

What are some things you really reinforce to all of your clients?
Avoid towel drying at all costs and please, please do not brush or run your fingers through your dry frizzy curly hair – yes you are torturing your child! When you use Curly Hair Solutions products, the wetter your hair the better! You can never put in too much Curl Keeper; always apply more than you think you will need and then a little more.

What is your most memorable moment during your career as a stylist?
Actually, I have a few but pretty much whenever I have a new client and when I flip them over from diffusing and they have tears in their eyes. I also love working with young girls. If I can prevent them from going through puberty hating their curls, I feel great being able to help boost their self-esteem.

Name 3 of your Holy Grail products…
Treatment Shampoo, Slip Detangler and Curl Keeper

If you could change one thing about your curls, what would it be?
I would probably make them a bit tighter as I do have a >loose curl and they only get looser day by day. So really, I wish for more elasticity which is why I use the Treatment Shampoo as it helps rebuild the strength and elasticity in your curls!

Thank you for taking some time with us to dish out some details from the curly world Ely! It’s comforting to know there are experts out there who really care about giving the right information and are dedicated to changing lives of curlies everywhere! Feel free to post any questions or concerns you may have for Ely here on Gossip Curls! As well, if you want to book a consultation or hair appointment with Eli contact Curly Hair Institute at 416-362-1068