Quick Morning Curls
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Quick Morning Curls

“OMG give me your hair! Can I touch it? If I had your hair, I’d leave it out all the time”

For the majority of the time, people who make these comments either have pin-straight, shiny hair, or they have no idea as to what a bad hair day really looks like. Or…they’re bald.

Don’t get me wrong. Curly hair is awesome! I wouldn’t trade my locks for anything. But, my soul cringes when others underestimate the kind of patience that it takes to keep my curls from looking like some type of electroshock therapy aftermath. One of the biggest problems I face when dealing with my hair is time. Deep conditioning is great, and moisturizing from root to tip leaves me with impressive results. However, on mornings when I’ve hit the snooze button one too many times and I’m left with about 16 minutes to get my life together before I have to sprint and catch the train, dealing with curly hair can be a bit stressful.

When time is of the essence, the fastest solution is probably to throw my hair in a bun. But, sometimes my hair rebels and doesn’t want to be contained. Hair escapes from the bun I’m trying to pull together. The dry frizzy hair at the edges of my bun makes me look more like a 5 year old after a day in the park than a young professional. My curl type falls between a 3B and 3C so when the going gets tough, drastic times call for some quick measures that give me great curls with minimal effort.

Let’s set the scene: After hitting the snooze button for the fourth time I realize that I have less than 20 minutes to get dressed and get to work. I bolt into the shower. My time constraint doesn’t allow me to actually wash, condition or even finger comb my hair. At the most the ends of my hair end up getting a little damp.

Step 1:
 Do not soak your hair. Instead, allow it to get damp while showering. Once I get out of the shower and get dressed I maybe have 6 minutes to deal with my hair.

Step 2: Grab a spray bottle and add ¼ cup of water and 1 oz. of Curl Keeper Original and quickly spray all the dry and frizzy spots (usually these areas are at the front and in the middle). The water helps distribute the Curl Keeper Original and get it where it needs to be to stop the frizzy hairs!

Step 3: Use Curl Keeper Beach Mist and target the ends of your hair.

Step 4: 
Use your diffuser to activate the Beach Mist.

These four steps make for an easy fix for flat and frizzy bed hair. This regime usually results in a more effortless looking and looser curls. It helps with bounce and volume but lacks in curl definition. It works best on warmer or humid days. On mornings when you’re strapped for time this well help you achieve great natural curls with the least amount of work!