Go Vintage with 1940s Hairstyle
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Go Vintage with 1940s Hairstyle


In the 1940’s, it seemed like everything was happening. Women entered the workforce in place of men off to war. World War II meant hard times, and even the US currency did its part by using nickel for pennies instead of copper. The good and the bad all had their place in one very intense decade, and the hair shows that.

Your mothers, grandmothers and, heck, great grandmothers all did their hair in one of the most iconic fashions of the 20th century. From the pin-up look to the victory curls, everyone chose their signature look and stuck to it. And, this may surprise you but there were options for this time period. For the 1940’s look with the modern twist for curlies with a short loose curl, here is what I did.

• Treatment Shampoo
 Curl Keeper Original
• Curl Keeper Gel
• Hair pins/ hair clips
• Fine tooth comb
• Claw clips or mini claw clips if you have longer hair

Step One, Wash: Wash your hair, put in your leave in conditioner and comb it through.


Step Two, The Side Part: This particular 40’s look is often specific to the side part. Instead of willy nilly choosing a way to part, try using the arch of your brow to direct where the part may lay, and work it to the top of the scalp. Pull that chunk of hair over to the other side.

Step Three, The Pompadour: Take the front half of that side swept hair and twist it into a curl, leaving just a bit of hair open from the curl at the top of the head. It should make a little bump. Push forward on the twisted on that so the pump gets a little bigger and poofs up. Pin or clip it at the far rim of your scalp when you’ve reached desired poof.


Step Four, Women’s Choice: You have a couple of options for the front chunk of hair left. I tucked my bands into the pompadour and discreetly clipped it.

Step Five, The Other Side: Now that you’ve done one side, it’s time to take a look at the other side of your hair. Again you have options. For a more modern look, you can pull it straight back into a half pony tail or you can let it go curly. I gave mine a small twist before pulling it back. And the rest of your hair? Leave it as is!


With the 1940’s look, you’re never wrong. In fact, you can probably add a red lip and be ready to go. Whether you go for the Rita Hayworth look, or try out Judy Garland or Bette Davis, adding a little something new to your look will make you feel fresh and new while pay homage to a very important time in our history.

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Written By: Samantha Berley
Samantha Berley is an author and freelance writer born and raised in sunny California. As a lover and not a fighter, Samantha has embraced her curly hair and has become her own hair expert. Her work has been published in various online and print publications such as the hair website Naturally Curly as well as Social Media Week Los Angeles, GeekPeeks, TasteTablet, Halftime Magazine and Everydog Magazine. Samantha is currently working on the second half of her novel, Code Periwinkle Blue.