The key to gorgeous shiny curly hair in the winter months
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The key to gorgeous shiny curly hair in the winter months

The coming of the winter months means the arrival of bitter cold, sub-zero wind chills, snow, and of course, dull hair. For curlies in colder climates, we dread it every year. All the things we love about our hair during spring and summer are so difficult to maintain when winter comes, especially the shine. Here are 5 ways to ensure you can achieve and maintain shine in the colder seasons:

1. Moisturizing Shampoo: Washing with a good moisturizing shampoo that is pH balanced is critical this time of year. Indoor heating constantly sucks out moisture that our curls need year round so giving moisture back to your tresses that moisture back is vital. We recommend Silk Shampoo, as it contains an abundance of pure silk amino acids and authentic silk proteins that are directly deposited into the hair follicle.

2. Deep Moisturizing Treatment: Follow your shampoo with a deep moisturizing treatment that you can apply and leave on for the duration of your shower and then rinse out. Our favorite is Pure Silk Protein, a product that is loaded with the highest quality grade of silk proteins and amino acids. Leaving this in your hair while you finish showering enables the ingredients to deeply penetrate your strands so they are nourished and moisturized. Again, be sure to rinse the product thoroughly out of your hair with warm water, and this will make the next step much easier on you and your curls!

3. Proper Detangling: The detangling step is very important, as nothing shiny will come out of rocking a rat’s nest. Curly hair naturally has an ‘open’ cuticle. When adjusted by the proper pH level, the cuticle can be shut down and closed, leaving the curls shiny. Slip Detangler does just that and more: it detangles after 30 seconds, locks in hair color and moisture by shutting down the hair cuticle and is a light leave-in conditioner so it will not weigh down your curls. Be certain to detangle from the ends to roots – especially this time of year, as the winter cold and wind can make our beloved curls prone to being brittle which causes causing breakage.

4. Using the right styling products: It’s very prudent to use products that are non-heavy formulas and don’t weigh the curls down. Even though thicker, heavier products are popular, a light-weight formula will enable great styling and the ability to achieve effortless volume and shine! Curl Keeper Original formula not only has the consistency of water but is also pH balanced for all curl types. The key to success with this product is using a lot of it on very wet hair from roots to ends. Once Curl Keeper Original is distributed evenly throughout the hair, you scrunch the hair while styling. When it completely dries, the hair cuticle is shut, which leaves beautiful shine and curl definition. You can then soften the product by playing with your hair and fluffing it out. To enhance shine throughout the day, you simply reactivate the product in your hair with a few mists of water or smoothing wet hands over certain areas.

5. Shine enhancing finishing product:
 One last final way to achieve and maintain shine is to nab a finishing product that requires the smallest amount of application but the biggest impact. Tweek is a hairspray in the form of a cream and is ideal for curlies who avoid aerosol hairsprays like the plague! Whether on curly hair or straight, it smoothes flyaway’s, can fix broken hairstyles from that gym bun, revamp the volume which hat head destroyed and has an incredible shine to add to your day 2 or 3 hair!

By following these 5 steps you can rest easy: You will have very few “bad curl days” this upcoming winter and instead will have shiny, healthy moisturized curls that will make your dull counterparts, green with envy!