6 ways to show love to your curly hair this Valentine’s Day
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6 ways to show love to your curly hair this Valentine’s Day

Are you looking forward to a nice candle lit dinner with balloons, and some romantic grand gesture from your lover this Valentine’s Day? Or are you planning on ordering take out, scrapping the balloons for Netflix, and blowing kisses at yourself in the mirror? Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day with someone special to you, or with your fine self, love isn’t just meant for him or her – your curls need some love too! Here are 6 ways to show your undying love towards your kinks, coils, waves, and curls for Valentine’s Day and for the rest of the year.

1. Thorough rinsing: We tend to underestimate the importance of really taking the time to thoroughly rinse out shampoo on wash day. If you miss areas of your hair and scalp during the rinsing stage, you may notice significant flaking from your hair and a drier than normal scalp. No Bueno! Make sure to take care of your scalp as well as your curls, and take time to thoroughly rinse out your shampoo on wash day. You’ll notice that your hair and scalp will feel much better – and less itchy!

2. Invest in a humidifier: If you are currently living in a country that is engulfed in frigid winter weather, chances are the heat at home and at the office is cranked. Sure, you may be toasty and warm, but all that heat is sucking the beloved moisture out of your curls. Plug in a humidifier at the office or in your bedroom at night and give your hair some much needed TLC. Your hair will be shinier, and you’ll be much happier with your healthy curls too!

3. Wrap/Protect: Since we are talking about colder weather and bedtime, it’s never a bad idea to hop onto YouTube and do some research on protective hairstyles or ways to wrap your hair before you hit the sheets at night. Protective hairstyles and wraps minimize frizz and tangles, and maintain the health of your precious ends. Most of these styles are easy and can also work during the daytime with a chic outfit and great lipstick.

4. Strategic detangling: If you don’t leave enough time on wash day, fast detangling can easily turn into angry detangling. If you want to avoid breaking your hair, be strategic. While your hair is wet, section your hair into several parts and take Drake’s advice: start from the bottom! Work your way up to the roots of your hair and do this for each section. Less damage to your curls and better product distribution will be the result of this easier process.

5. Let it go like Elsa: Yes, we are speaking of dead length. If you are in the process of transitioning, or perhaps you are in the middle of it, and you seemingly have length but your hair gets thinner near the ends, it needs to go. Do the big chop if you truly want to let it grow, let it go and flex that sexy new style!

6. Beat the heat: Remember the ex you purged out of your soul and swore to never acknowledge his existence? Go to your bathroom now, pull out the flat irons, curling irons, curling wands, and whatever else you tortured your strands with, put them in a box, and bury them in the depths of whatever closet you never open. They are not to be rescued or called to mind again, ever! Heat styling tools damage your hair so much over time, so real love for your curls means getting rid of them. You got this!

This Valentine’s Day, take some time to pamper your curls. Show them some love as well by knowing how important it is to care for them, and doing it often! They’ll not only look great on the big day, but afterwards as well – you can look forward to a great relationship with your curls!