Spring Cleaning for Your Curls
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Spring Cleaning for Your Curls

During the last few months, we know the most important thing we did to protect our curls from the stresses of indoor heating and the cold of the outdoors, so it’s been nothing but silk scarves, braids and for some of us, weaves. But it’s a new season, so now it’s time to freshen up the mane in anticipation of Spring! Here are a few simple things we can do to ensure that our curls are at their best to meet the impending nicer weather!

1. Invest in a pH Balanced Shampoo- You might think we are crazy to suggest such a thing but the reality is that all curly, coily, and kinky hair is prone to getting dirty. Ever get stuck walking behind a smoker? It doesn’t take much for your hair to smell like you’ve picked up the habit too. Another good reason to invest in a pH balanced shampoo is not just for our hair, but also for our scalp. Scalp is skin too, and it needs to be cleansed properly. Clarifying shampoos are much too harsh on our curls, and can easily strip away natural oils produced by our scalp to keep it healthy- so don’t get a shampoo that strips the hair of oils completely. Do some research and find a shampoo that has a proper pH balance for curly hair – both your hair and scalp with thank you!

2. Ease up on the Deep Conditioning- Winter is over (maybe not so much in Canada…) therefore continuing to use that extra deep conditioner could lead to over moisturizing. That’s right, I said it! Switch to a lighter conditioner and be sure that you are thoroughly rinsing it out if it’s not a leave in. It’s also a good idea to make sure the conditioners you are using have authentic proteins, not cheap, lower grade ones as those can do more damage than good.

3. Toss Old Hair Products- Double check the expiry dates of all your hair care products, as the last thing you need in a new season is to start styling your hair with old, smelly products. There should be a lot number somewhere on the bottles and if you can’t find it, be sure to call the company and ask about the shelf life.

4. Replace Your Styling Tools- Obviously don’t toss your diffuser attachment if it still works, but take a look at your combs, picks and clips. If you have had them for awhile and haven’t replaced them, it could be a good idea to do for Spring – like spring cleaning, but for your hair collection. Bacteria will hide in little crevices of the brushes and combs and if the teeth in our combs are bent or broken off it will potentially damage or snap your hair. Invest in some new hair care tools, and be sure to wash them with warm water and your shampoo once a week to maintain them.

5. Trim Time- Even if you aren’t pondering a new style for the new season, you might still want to schedule a trim at your salon. Freshening up the ends of your curls makes styling so much easier, and when we have the finished look, it looks flawless. Ever if only a little bit is taken off, it revitalizes the curls, bringing bounce and energy back into the hair after a long season of covering up your hair. Do you ever see perfect spiraling curls with raggedy looking ends? Cringe-worthy to say the least – it’s definitely a curly hairstyle we want to avoid in the new season. So go for a trim – take a little break, and get some “me” time at the hair salon!

It’s a new season in 2016, and what is a better way to freestyle your lifestyle than to ensure your natural curls are ready, on point and flawless for spring!