Tips and trick for your worst hair days ever
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Tips and trick for your worst hair days ever

Sometimes, you have those days when the world is working against you. And when I say world, I really mean your hair. I can basically gauge the type of day I’m going to have based on whether or not my hair is cooperating that morning. If I have a frizzy mess on my head, the day is destined to be bad and I should really just crawl back into bed and try again tomorrow. But what if there was a way to negotiate with your strong-willed hair to make it see that today should be a get out of bed day? Check out these five tips for bad hair days:

1. Up and Away: One of the easiest ways to solve a bad hair day is to pull your hair on top of your head, and be done with it. Whether you make a messy bun, a donut ballerina bun or a topknot, updos can hide any frizzy hair and create an instantaneously chic look.

2. Ponytails: Ponytails are a classic bad hair day cover up. Depending on your style, you may want to leave your ponytail high and tight or low and loose. Either way, using Curl Keeper Gel around the edges of the pony tail, or to freshen up the ends, will help tame them to create a smoother look in the morning.

3. Refresh your Hair: Imagine if there was a way to turn your day-three hair back into the glory that it was immediately after washing and styling it. Well, it’s no longer just a dream! Curl Keeper Tweek restores curly hair by adding shine and bounce back to your curls. It’s a water-soluble cream, and gives amazing hold without any stickiness or product build up. All you have to do is rub the cream between your palms, then scrunch and mold your curls back to life – and make sure to focus on the potential flat spots that might exist after two or three days. Adios bad hair days!

4. Braids: Braids are really in fashion trend right now from the fishtail to the waterfall to the halo. Thankfully, they’re a fantastic way to hide less than perfect hair, and they are actually better style to use on hair that hasn’t been freshly washed. Second day >curly hair or even dirty hair has natural oils that have built up, and these oils that make it easier to style and hold the braid. So after braiding your hair into an awesome ‘do, be grateful that your hair decided not to cooperate that day!

5. Hair Accessories: When all else fails, there’s a myriad of hair accessories available to cover a bad hair day. Down south? A large floppy hat will look glamorous and totally detract from the fact that there’s a rat’s nest underneath! Brunch with the girls? A headscarf coupled with a topknot can give off a boho cool girl vibe that looks intentional. And of course, Canadian weather gives the perfect excuse to wear a beanie hat or a large wool hat to cover any hair sins. Try wearing a satin lined hat (you can actually find hats made with the satin liner!) which will keep moisture in as well as reduce friction, reducing any damage that may occur.

So the next time your hair is signaling that it’s a hide under the covers day, try out one of these strategies to make a bad hair day into a good one!