Style Guide for Curly Redheads
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Style Guide for Curly Redheads

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my curly haired redhead friends is how much difficulty they have finding the right colors for their wardrobes. When choosing the right colours you have to factor in eye colour and skin tone as most redheads are quite fair, but you also have to find a colour that works well with the shade of red your natural curls are. Balancing those three elements, along with many others, can be quite a challenge! So here is a helpful mini colour guide for all of those ravishing redheads out there having trouble updating their wardrobes and making their curls stand out:

Must Have Wardrobe Colors:

Green – Greens and teals look stunning on redheads, whether it be a dress or an accessory. Green is the natural complimentary colour of Red, so any tone of green you use will counteract, and thus emphasize, the strong red tones in your hair, bringing life and energy to your style.

Purple – If you remember art class, the same basic rules apply – a deep, true purple paired with red compliments each other quite well and creates a very majestic and noble style. Purple and Red share a similar base tone, and they work with each other to highlight their best qualities: the strength for the red, and the richness for the purple.

Blue – Likewise, to purple, navy and cobalt blues should be staples in a redhead’s wardrobe, even if your skin tone is quite fair they work very nicely together.

Red – Surprisingly, you would think that redheads can pull off wearing red in any case, but it is quite hard to do so. The key to wearing red is to find the right shade of red- think of Nicole Kidman she’s never ended up on the worst dressed list at any A list event, she found the right shade to complement her strawberry-blonde hair.

Lastly, wearing white, beige and pinks can be worn if they are done properly can look exceptionally pretty. All of these can look exceptionally pretty on a redhead, but they risk making you look pale. In order to nail the right look wearing these colours so you don’t look washed out, you will need to vamp up your makeup a tiny bit with a deep colored eyeliner or nice pink gloss.

Colors to avoid:

Most redheads as a rule should opt to stay away from oranges and yellows, as both of these colors can either make their red hair look dull, or the colours wash out their skin tone which creates the “pasty” effect.

Don’t be afraid to have fun and play with different shades of these colors to see what will accentuate your specific shades of red. Though it seems like redheads could be more restricted when it comes to colours in their closet than their blonde and brunette counterparts, taking the time to try different things will eventually pay off!