Contemporary Bangs: Live on the Fringe
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Contemporary Bangs: Live on the Fringe

There is this sensation you get after that fresh new hair cut where you look at yourself in the mirror and sigh contently. I personally got that moment about four years ago when I decided that it was the time for bangs. After all, bangs frame the face, emphasizing and enhancing your best features including your eyes and cheekbones while concealing imperfections.

As far as a contemporary bang styles go, there are four options that naturally curly girls can wear that stand out:

shagThe Shag
If you have a round or oval face, or prefer that just-rolled-out-of-bed look, try the shaggy bang.
A rounder face is enhanced by the shag’s wispy fringe just above the eye, and the short hair’s wild curls frame the face beautifully. No need to fuss with this bang as it’s meant to be a little bit messy and a little bit curly.

So, brush those bangs and enjoy!

tousledcowlickThe Tousled Cowlick

The eighties have not exactly gone away, fashion wise, and the tousled cowlick is proof of that. Heart shaped and oval faces will both feel just a little bit daring on volume in this revamped side swept look.

This bang is great for any hair from waves to medium curls, cut shoulder length or higher.


bluntBe Blunt
For a little bit of retro turned into contemporary, the blunt bang is definitely an option. The blunt fringe is straight and often at or on the eyebrow line. The blunt bang is a little higher maintenance than some of the other bang styles as it usually involves a hair dryer and straightening iron. Square and oval shaped faces do very well with this eye-grazing fringe that enhances the look of the short bob or a longer curly hair style.

sweptLonger and Side swept
Side swept bangs have been around for a few years, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it. The side swept bang is often what hair does naturally. Simply feel your way through your natural part, often off center anyway, tuck the longer bang behind the ear or pin it to the side, and already you have that glamorous side swept look. Recently, a lot of celebrities are wearing this look with luminous waves and curls, allowing curly girls everywhere to embrace their look. Almost all face shapes can pull off the longer hair look along with side swept bangs; it’s just a matter of how the hairstylist cuts and frames the hair around your face.

If you want a way to take the look of your hair to the next level, bangs are definitely a popular way to go. Not only are there a variety of contemporary styles available, each bang is often versatile enough to be styled into a new look. While the blunt bang can become side swept, the side swept bang can be volumized into the tousled cowlick. So play with your look and enjoy everything a contemporary bang has to offer.

Artwork courtesy of Lark LeClear.

Written By: Samantha Berley
Samantha Berley is an author and freelance writer born and raised in sunny California. As a lover and not a fighter, Samantha has embraced her curly hair and has become her own hair expert. Her work has been published in various online and print publications such as the hair website Naturally Curly as well as Social Media Week Los Angeles, GeekPeeks, TasteTablet, Halftime Magazine and Everydog Magazine. Samantha is currently working on the second half of her novel, Code Periwinkle Blue.