Taking the Wash-N-Go up a Notch with  the Tight Curl Kit
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Taking the Wash-N-Go up a Notch with the Tight Curl Kit

Warmer temperatures bring family BBQ’s, beachside vacations, and outdoor parties. Having all that fun in the heat and humidity can also bring a hair disaster, especially for curly hair. It’s bad enough we have to deal with shrinkage and losing curl definition without the humidity having it turn into a frizzy mess once we step out the door.

That’s where the Tight Curl Kit from Curly Hair Solutions comes in. These five products promise to fight frizz and shrinkage while keeping hair moisturized from wash to go. With a promise like that, I had to put this kit to the test. Between my tight, tight curls and the 110% humidity down here in South Florida, my hair needed all the help it can get!

Silk Shampoo: I started with this hydrating shampoo infused with Pure Silk Protein to gently cleanse my hair while keeping it moisturized. A dime sized amount gave me plenty of lather and when I rinsed it out I had smooth and squeaky clean hair.

Pure Silk Protein Conditioner: The next step was the deep conditioning treatment. I divided my hair into four sections and applied a good amount to each one, concentrating on my ends. The conditioner had great slip, making it easier to get out all the knots and tangles. Afterwards I let it sit on my hair for at least 3 minutes and then rinsed it out. My hair felt silky and soft, and my curls were already looking good when I stepped out the shower!

Silk Leave in Conditioner: To smooth out hair cuticles to eliminate frizzy curls, I used the leave in conditioner. Not only does it smell amazing the non-greasy formula is light, absorbing quickly without weighing my hair down. Another bonus? It also helps protect your hair from heat if you decide to blow out your hair.

EXTENZZ: Shrinkage is a thorn in every curly girl’s side and this styling cream makes it a thing of the past. It’s a non-chemical curl styling relaxer – meaning it will help you create looser, more defined, and frizz free curls with just a few strokes of the comb.

First I took a generous amount and applied it to each section of hair from roots to ends. With a wide tooth comb I combed it through to make sure my curls were nice and detangled. For the back of my hair that has the tightest curls, I followed up with a small tooth comb.
Curl Keeper: Last but not least is the Curl Keeper, a water-based gel of sorts that provides total control over frizz without product build-up. Just like I did with Extenzz, I applied it to each section and combed it through. I gave my hair a good shake and left it alone.

Once my hair air dried it was fluffy soft and moisturized, with amazing definition down to my tightest of curls. Despite using all those styling products my hair didn’t feel greasy or weighed down. Oh and the frizz? Almost nonexistent, and if it tried to creep into my hair life, all I needed to do was wet my hair and reapply Curl Keeper. I’m telling you, the curl party kept on way after wash day!

Written By: Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff is a style blogger turned freelance writer who loves to share her love of all things beauty and fashion. Her writing creds included being a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru and a writing for her own blog beauty and fashion blog Fierce.