Thinning Curls? You are not alone.
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Thinning Curls? You are not alone.

Are your curls starting to feel less dense? Is your part wider than you remember it to be?  Maybe you’re questioning if your hairline has been receding lately?  You are not alone. 

One of the coolest elements of the Curl Keeper Brand is that we see and talk to curly women in a salon setting all day long.  The founder, Jonathan Torch, literally collects customer concerns and shares them with us, his team, weekly.  This issue of hair loss and thinning have become one of the most popular subjects in the salon lately.  Every single day, women come in and are confused and worried about hair loss and thinning curls.   We can guess that it's Covid-related or stress-related or thyroid-related or so many other things… The truth is at the end of the day we are left with women in the salon chair looking for solutions.  And while there’s a ton of information out there to help us curlies with DIYs and methods and journeys, there just isn’t that much info for those who need help with thinning curly hair.

That’s why we wrote this post. While we are not medical experts that will diagnose why your curls may be thinning, we can certainly help with some tips to make the most of caring for your beautiful curls (yes thinning or not, they’re still beautiful).  

Washing and Conditioning: While the normal rules of washing and conditioning curly hair apply, this step is the best time to detangle and strengthen your thinning curls. Detangling fragile hair when it's dry can spell disaster; thinning hair is extra prone to falling and breakage. Waiting to detangle until your curls are soaking wet and ‘slippery is the best bet, as well as using a flexible brush or your fingers starting from ends to roots to gently (without tugging) get the tangles out. To keep your curly strands strong, make sure you do a weekly deep conditioning treatment. 

Styling products for max volume: How many YouTube tutorials have you watched and imitated, only to realize that the influencers in those videos start out with thick voluminous curls in the first place? On your next search, try looking for videos with  “everyday people” that have actual thinning issues.  They don't always have the biggest following, but they know what they're talking about because they're living it.  That being said, we have some amazing styling helpers like a Next Day Refresh Spray, Max Hold Curl Cream, and a root lifting Beach Mist that go right onto the root and hair to give lift and support all the way to the tips!  Not sure where to start?  We have an amazing Volume and Shine starter kit created especially for this issue so that you can test the products that work best for you!  

Root Clipping: One of the easiest and most effective things you can do to add volume is to clip your hair at the root. Gently gather sections of hair at the root and clip.  Curls should be about 90% dry when clipping and should stay on until hair is fully dried by diffusing or air drying. Try the Roller Jaw Clamps! 

Other thinning curl tips: 

  • Low manipulation is key to preventing any unnecessary breakage. When the hair’s diameter is thin or the root is weak , this makes the hair extra fragile. That’s why leaving it alone as much as possible is so important.  
  • Choose styles that don’t pull and tug on curls - buns, braids, and ponies should be on the looser side. 
  • Gently massage the scalp to stimulate blood flow to those key thinning areas. 
  • Play around with tinted root sprays, fibres, and powders.  These come in a variety of shades and are usually available at your local drug store. 

We want to hear from you! What do you do to care for your thinning curls?