🌸 Spring Detox, Protect & Hydrate Curls
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🌸 Spring Detox, Protect & Hydrate Curls

Don’t chose between beautiful curls and healthy hair. Protect your curls during the warmer months with these Stylist Tips!

1. A gentle, hydrating Shampoo 

A gentle and moisturizing shampoo for a healthy a clean scalp- a perfect place for curls to grow! In the warmer months, our scalp becomes loaded with different types of salt sprays, chlorine, outdoor elements and sweat. Be sure to always start with a clean canvas, this will help product performance and appearance. 

2. Adding a UV protectant & moisturizer

 Yes, even your scalp can get sunburnt! Make sure to UV protect from head to toe while adding some extra hydration to moisturize, soothe, and nourish irritated scalp. We recommend a rich scalp oil to help rebuild hydration and heal skin. 

3. Repair and rebuild with a treatment

Hair looking limp after those highlights or chlorine session? It's important to repair curls with a rebuilding treatment that goes deep into the hair cuticle so hair has mega shine, bounce and volume.