Tips for Caring for Fine Curls
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Tips for Caring for Fine Curls

As curly girls, we all know that our hair needs extra love and care. So we’re all mindful of the products we buy and the hair care tips that we follow. While there’s a ton of stuff out there to help us with that (including this awesome blog), there just isn’t that much info for girls who have fine curly hair. That’s why we wrote this post. These hair care tips for fine and curly hair were made just for you!

Washing and Conditioning: While the normal rules of washing and conditioning curly hair apply, this step is the best time to detangle and strengthen your fine curls. Detangling on dry hair can spell disaster; our hair is extra prone to breakage. Waiting to detangle until your curls are soaking wet with conditioner is the best bet, as well as using a wide tooth comb or your fingers to get the tangles out. To keep your curly strands strong, make sure you do a weekly deep conditioning treatment.

Moisturizing: No matter how thick or thin our strands are, keeping our hair moisturized is the most important key to healthy hair. The kind of moisturizers we use makes a big difference when it comes to fine curls. Skip the heavy creams and oils that leave it greasy and weighed down. Instead, use lighter leave in curly hair conditioner, like the Silk Leave-In Conditioner, to give fine hair the moisture it needs without the sticky side effects.

Styling and Getting Volume: How many YouTube tutorials have you watched and imitated, only to find out that your hair looks nothing like it was supposed to? That’s probably because it wasn’t meant for our kind of hair. So what styles do work for fine curls? If you still want to rock twist outs, go for bigger and chunkier twists. They will stretch your hair without looking flat. Still not getting the big hair you want? Wash-and-Go’s are your best friend! Pineappling your hair at night helps get your hair as big and fabulous as your favorite hair gurus!

Retaining Length: The last thing we want is to spend all this time and effort caring for our hair only to have it split and break. When it comes to fine hair, low manipulation is key to retaining length. Normal curly hair is prone to breakage, but when it’s diameter is thin, the hair is extra fragile. That’s why leaving it alone as much as possible is so important. Besides saving your detangling session for wash day, there are other things you can do, like:

• Choosing styles that don’t require a lot of daily maintenance, like wash and goes or flat twists.
• Really minimize the use of styling tools like brushes and combs
• When detangling, take your time to avoid any unnecessary tugging or tearing

We want to hear from you! What do you do to care for your fine curls?

Written By: Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff is a style blogger turned freelance writer who loves to share her love of all things beauty and fashion. Her writing creds included being a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru and a writing for her own blog beauty and fashion blog Fierce.