8 Tips for Caring for Winter Curls
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8 Tips for Caring for Winter Curls

We visited the Curly Hair Institute, to get the best advice on caring for your winter curls. Here's what the stylists had to say about treating even your driest strands!
1. Add Extra Moisturize
Curly hair already needs moisture but when winter comes, so does indoor heating. Result? Extra dry hair! Having a lightweight leave in conditioner that doesn’t just sit on the hair but really penetrates the hair cuticle will be a saving grace in the colder months.

2. Find your moisture/protein balance
Maintaining this balance based on what your hair needs is critical. This requires you to really KNOW YOUR HAIR! How does it feel? Does it feel brittle, is it breaking or stingy or dull? If yes, you might be giving your h air too much protein and need more moisture. Now our hair is made of protein so it is an important element so if you are lacking protein, your curls might feel mushy when they are wet and fall limp when they are dry. They almost feel too soft with little definition which means too much moisture. For a quick protein boost, try Silk Conditioner!

3. Protective style your way through life
Protecting our precious curls from the harsh elements in the winter is vital. There are so many benefits like less wash days, you won’t be touching it so much, your ends will stay intact. There are tons of cute protective styles for every curl type, check them out here!

4. Ditch the Heat
When your fireplace is on and the heat in your office is cranked, it all sucks the moisture out of your hair people! Using MORE heat while diffusing is basically just going to jump start that process and by day 3 your curls will be flipping out. If you must diffuse, use a low setting and low heat. Yes, it will absolutely take longer for your curls to dry but alternate between diffusing and air drying to maintain moisture! By air drying or using micro fiber gloves, you save your curls from unnecessary damage and breakage. 

5. Satin lined winter hats all day
Yes there is such thing! Knitted materials like wool cause a ton of friction and that equals static, dryness, massive knots and tangles (especially from scarves). If you must wear a hat, do some research and buy a satin lined hat this winter.

6. Invest in the best tools
Scrunchies, microfiber drying gloves, brushes and more. Tools are essential to the longevity of your style and the overall condition of your hair. If you protective style but use a brush that rips and breaks your hair, it defeats the point right? Read reviews and check out videos from your favorite influencers on social media and see what tools they use for their curls in the winter.

7. Don’t forget to deep condition on the regular
So, we’ve already talked about moisturizing but then there is deep conditioning. It should be a staple in your haircare regime already but in the winter months, it’s a step you can’t skip. Depending on your curl type might determine how often you do a deep condition session. Wavy to loose curls typically once, maybe twice a month. Medium curly hair should aim for biweekly deep conditioning, while tighter-kinky curls in the 4a-4c category might benefit from a weekly treatment.

8. Scalp massage= healthy hair
Healthy hair is great but it comes from the scalp so we can’t neglect it! Flaking, dry, even itchy scalps in the winter are the worst and without attention, will get worse. Grab your favorite oil, ours is Dry Oil Elixir, apply some onto your fingers or your scalp massager and give your scalp some TLC. Do it as often as you want, everyone’s needs are different.