Two Quick Fixes for Winter Hair Dullness and Static
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Two Quick Fixes for Winter Hair Dullness and Static

Where did the shine go? The lower the temperature, the duller the hair. Why? 

Two reasons. First, the significant drop in atmospheric moisture levels due to cold and secondly, indoor heating. Dry air outside and inside, essentially suck the moisture from hair leaving it thirsty and dull. The Fix. Moisture Replacement – and let me tell you the Curl Keeper Dry Oil Elixir does just that! A decadent and proprietary blend of Squalane, Chia, and Sacha Inchi oils - perfectly balanced to deliver moisture directly to the scalp and into the hair strands while locking it in. Shiny hair comes back to life instantly and a little goes a long way!

Now for static…the culprit is the same – low moisture and dry air everywhere! Dehydrated hair holds an electric charge. Often, static electricity is the cause of the little flyaway hairs that form the cute but not so fancy halo along your hairline. The fix. Moisture via the Dry Oil Elixir and a bit of “Tweek”ing to calm static.   


Is it really that easy? Yep. A quick mist of the Dry Oil Elixir (1-2 pumps should be fine) and a dime size amount of Tweek to tame flyaways will take care of dull and static’y’ hair. Back to gorgeous, soft, and shiny hair in about 10 seconds.  You’re welcome.


The Dry Oil Elixir is a winter wonder for hair scalp and skin.  Click here to see 8 ways to use the oil.