What I Learnt from My Mom about my Curls
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What I Learnt from My Mom about my Curls

It’s true what they say: mothers really do know best. Sure, you may have fought her over dyeing your hair or getting that emo haircut, but your mom was always there for you to tell you what’s what. Here are pieces of sage advice far and wide from the mothers who love us.

Use the Right Rubber Bands
After a long day, you begin unwinding your thick, curly hair from its rubber bands, but they just won’t budge. When you’ve finally managed to yank it out, it comes with a chunk of hair and a few shed tears. Jill Crawley, a mother of three from Albuquerque, New Mexico, says, “The one thing I used to tell my daughters when they were younger is to never use rubber bands.” Instead of plain rubber bands, Jill says she only buys bands if they are covered in fabric, which helps prevent tangles and hair breakage.

Remember to Eat Right
A good diet of fruit, vegetables, and proteins offer up a cornucopia of nutrients that help give your hair that movie star shine. Shanna Choung, a local of Los Angeles, California, says, “I inherited my mom’s thick, black Asian hair and one piece of advice I remember is that I should be eating black sesame desserts to keep my hair nice and dark.” Originally a traditional Eastern medicine cure to prevent whitening hair, black sesame seeds contain copper and zinc, both of which have been scientifically proven to promote hair growth and shine.

Always Deep Condition
Deep conditioning comes in many forms, and it’s important to choose the right one. As a teen, I tried to curb my unruly curly mane with a DIY deep conditioning treatment that used mayonnaise. Unfortunately, after one extra hot shower, the mayo curdled and stuck to the strands of my hair. While I wish I had known the effect of hot water on cold mayo, my mother’s advice to use conditioning products such as Curl Keeper Leave-In Conditioner was invaluable, and helped bring shine and softness to my hair – once I got the mayo out, that is!

The Natural Look
One of the most important pieces of advice a mother can give is to love the hair you already have. Ann Burckle, a business owner located in Southern California, recalls her mother’s advice fondly: “My mom had two kids and kept her New York accent. She always used to say to keep those curls out of your face (to prevent acne) and simpler look will let you shine.” Framing the face with a more natural look not only prevented oily buildup, but Ann also believes that her mother’s encouraging advice both about her hair and in general made her the success she is today.

Good Advice, Great Company
Moms let us know which accessories work best, what foods help hair grow, hold our hand when we’re learning to condition, and even telling us we’re naturally bright, shining stars. Good advice can be hard to come by, but it’s good to know that moms will always have our backs.

How about you? What advice have you gotten from your mother? Don’t forget to share your stories below.