Why You Should Date A Naturally Curly Girl
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Why You Should Date A Naturally Curly Girl

I may be biased, but I think curly girls are drop dead gorgeous. I can’t remember a Victoria Secret fashion show in recent times where a model wasn’t sporting big, free flowing waves – and surely it’s the hair and not the lingerie that makes the boys’ eyes pop! Nevertheless, not only is curly hair stunning, but it also beautifies our personalities making us curly girls a pretty great catch! Pass this on to that special someone in your life to let them know why it’s so awesome to date a curly lady. Or just drop this list to the suitor of your dreams to make them realize why it’s so fabulous to date a girl with naturally curly hair!

1. Curly girls are patient. If you’ve ever lived with a curly girl, you’ll know the amount of time we put into our hair. Washing it, deep conditioning it, styling it and the dreaded time trying to dry it. This is sprinkled with hours spent researching ways to better handle our hair (mostly on gossipcurls.com) and commiserating or celebrating with our fellow curly-haired sisters. All in all, curly girls learn patience very early in their natural hair journey, which translates well for our significant others. Need half an hour more to finish watching the game? No problem because so do we… to finish styling our hair!

2. She’s willing to try new things. Curly girls go through an endless search trying to find THE perfect hair product (until you try Curl Keeper, of course). The one that will banish frizz forever, repel water and end world hunger. Alas, us curly girls are adventurous, always willing to try something new, whether it be a new hair gel or a new restaurant.

3. You’ll never lose her in a crowd. Can’t find your beloved? Just look for the one head of endless waves amongst the still sea of pin straight ladies. Curly girls always stand out in a crowd – metaphorically and literally!

4. You’re basically dating two girls in one. I once had a coworker who frequently commented on how often I changed my hair. But I very rarely cut or coloured my hair! It turned out his definition of “changing my hair” was just having a different hairstyle. Curly girls are like chameleons; our natural hair allows us to have fun and change our hairstyle on the daily. Naturally curly and loose, straight, braided, top knot, twists – almost every day is a new curly hairstyle. It’s like you’re dating a new girl all the time without being THAT guy!

5. You can empathize with other women. It’d be hard to date a curly haired woman and not gain some knowledge of women’s hair. Since managing our hair takes up so much of our time, we can’t help but talk about it a bit. Okay – a lot. The advantage however, is that you learn to appreciate our hair, and women’s hair in general. So instead of smiling and nodding the next time some of your female friends are exchanging tales about their tresses, you can pipe in with a relevant story – just don’t mention the one where you found a hairball the size of Texas in the sink!

While at the end of the day, you’ll hopefully be attracted to a person’s heart and not their hair, it’s hard not to fall in love with those beautiful curls!