Curly vs Straight
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Curly vs Straight

There is always going to be a discussion about which is better, curly hair or straight hair. Some people who have the privilege to rock both styles are conscious of the potential hazards and challenges that come along with prepping for both styles. To those who might be oblivious to what some of those may be, start taking notes- you will want to remember this for when you decide to style hair differently!

Tangles/Breakage: It’s important to note that the majority of curl types and textures will always be prone to tangles. The human head loses about 100 hairs a day so the longer we go without detangling, the more hair it seems we lose all at once when we finally do! The key to detangling is to invest in a good detangler such as Curl Keeper Slip. Its low pH balance will shut down your hair cuticle to allow for easy combing, so you won’t have to ever worry about tangles to breakage!

Lack of shine: Most of us realize that it’s almost impossible to get the kind of shine from our curls that our straight-haired counterparts get. Sigh. For curly hair to have that shine, the hair cuticle must be shut down. This completely depends on the pH balance of the products you use, and your avoidance of over-moisturizing your hair. Oils coat the hair rather than absorb into it, so you’re your hair may look shiny, you also have to battle with greasiness. Do your research and find a product that has a lower pH, and be sure to limit your movements or fussing with your style until it’s completely dry, as a proper style will help your curls attain some beautiful shine!

Frizz: The biggest enemy of curly hair is frizz. We fight frizzy hair in every scenario you could possibly think of and most of the time we lose. Maintaining your style so as not to look like a supporting character from The Lion King is anything but easy. It really boils down to how well you prep your hair before styling and the products you use. Water and oil don’t mix so be wary of products that contain heavy oils; the smoothness will only last so long. Go for something water based, with a low pH and lightweight like Curl Keeper Original. The beauty of this product is it reactivates with water or any form of moisture which actually keeps your curls looking fabulous longer!

Oil overload: What could be the most frustrating thing for someone who has fabulous straight hair? After two days your roots are oily and you have rewash and restyle it. This is why you will need to invest in a good cleansing shampoo that you can use at least once a week for a thorough wash. Another popular product to consider are dry shampoo sprays for those days you come out of the gym and don’t have time to rewash.

Split ends: Sleek, gorgeous, and straight hair is also prone to damage caused by heat styling tools used to straighten and smooth the hair. Flat irons can be set at ludicrous temperatures and if you don’t keep that flat iron moving down your hair shaft, you will burn your hair. To protect your strands and minimize damage during flat ironing, use a heat protectant (that doesn’t contain oil) like Curl Keeper ReMane Straight and apply it while your hair is wet.

Volume please: Straight hair gals have difficulty maintaining that volume that most curlies achieve naturally. This is why hairspray is one of the most popular styling tools on the market and probably always will be. However, also gaining fame on the shelves are sea salt sprays that boost volume, making hair get the same volume it does when exposed to ocean air. Curl Keeper Beach Mist is an example of a salt spray that you can lightly spray while the hair is wet or dry and then style or leave your hair as is. A few mists here and there and voila! Va va voom!

So you see, whether you wear your hair curly or straight, there will always be pesky little obstacles to manage and overcome. As long as you have the proper tools, patience and a cocktail, you can conquer the world rocking curls or sleek tresses any day!