Q Benjamin Review on Curly Hair Solutions
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Q Benjamin Review on Curly Hair Solutions

Edmonton born and Juno-winning R&B Singer, Q Benjamin writes an article about her experience at the Curly Hair Institute with Jonathan Torch and express her love for Curly Hair Solutions products. 

“I remember the first time I had a hair styling with the founder of the product himself- Jonathan Torch. He was amazing! From the second I walked into the salon I was greeted with warm friendly smiles from all of the stylists including Jonathan.  Jonathan began to examine and ask me questions about my hair so he could properly assess my curl type (kinky).  As I looked around I noticed girls with a variety of different curl types and textures- I fit right in.
As Jonathan thoroughly explained to me step by step what he was doing with my hair, how he was combing it- why he was doing everything he was doing and how to achieve maximum results with the product when applying it myself- I realized… Jonathan knows more about my own hair than I do!  He continued to style my curls as he explained to me how to do it myself when I reach home, he shared tips and curl genius secrets that I never would have figured out on my own.” 
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